#NABShow: Day Two at 2016 NAB Show

Hey!  We made it to DAY TWO of the 2016 NAB Show!!!  Glad you’re sticking with us – there’s SO MUCH MORE today!!!  Our Live Blog continues to post the information and many of the “stops” of our various crews out on the floor!  Don’t forget – you can catch #NABShow LIVE online at  or  9am PST / 12pm EST; and if you’re hungry, Ryan’s top places to eat in #Vegas during the show can be found here:  –  Afterward, our #NABShow After-Hours events & party list is here:

…and NOW, on with the Show!!!

 Quantum's Broadcast Beat AwardJeff Adams presenting Cinegy's Daniella Weigner with a BB AwardBB Award - Rushworks

Rushworks Broadcast Beat Award


Jeff Adams presenting Cinegy’s Daniella Weigner with a Broadcast Beat Award

Quantum‘s Broadcast Beat Award


Todd Dean (a 25-year veteran production designer, intimately involved in several film productions asTodd Dean talks about Affordable Cyc Wall well as thousands of commercials) is a cost-effective specialist who can help you deal with your cyclorama situation.   Affordable Cyc Wall Systems is a company run by a man who has the experience to take care of your organization’s infinity wall needs. Unlike your average cyclorama, whose curves are typically a simple amalgamation of wood, drywall, plaster and fasteners that only have the strength one might expect from such an arrangement, the curved sections used in the Affordable Cyc Wall Systems prefabricated polystyrene inserts have many times the strength of the traditional curves associated with an infinity wall, so the structure can bear weight that would crush a lesser system.  Check-out this system out at:

Free Goodies for AudienceWhat’s the best thing about being in the audience at Broadcast Beat’s NABShow LIVE? FREE GOODIES!!! Yes, they’re giving away free stuff to those sitting in the very comfortable seating area – which, I might add, is the perfect place to take a load off and still catch all that’s happening at The Show!  By the by, the central studio is the place to not only see industry luminaries, but listen to them, as well, as they speak about their companies, craft and technologies!  What a great way to enjoy a refreshing drink and still be “showing!”  Of course, the chance of picking up a free goodie isn’t a bad prospect, either!  🙂

Virtual reality from Dell – Chairs raise, tilt, shift, rumble, and tip while you explore the oceans. Is thisVirtual reality from Dell the future of entertainment? The future of education?  Dell introduces new, recommended minimum system hardware configurations to support an optimal VR experience for professional users with HTC Vive or Oculus Rift VR solutions.  In addition, Dell upgrades its Precision Tower and Rack Workstations for VR content creators using professional applications in engineering, science, energy, and entertainment, to provide the ultimate VR experience!  Dell has identified three criteria for optimal VR enjoyment: minimum CPU, memory, and graphics requirements to support optimal VR viewing experiences; graphics drivers that are qualified to work reliably with these solutions; and the ability to pass performance tests conducted by Dell using test criteria based on HMD (head-mounted display) suppliers, ISVs or 3rd party benchmarks where available.  See more at:

Jeffrey Garland showcasing the Slider SystemWhat’s cooler than a pet dog or cat? Why, a pet goat… but only if it’s a Camera Goat!  Jeffrey Garland showcases the slider system known as the Camera Goat, with the Mini Goat by its side!  Made in America with the roughest environments in mind, different kits are available to handle every shooting requirement – whether on-location outside or in a studio or other inside environment, this rugged equipment can tow the load and provide a perfect place to rest the camera for that flawless shoot! Capable of capturing the smoothest slider shots with any camera, regardless of its size: from an Imax to a GoPro, the Goat delivers every time! Butt heads with the goat at:

Uh-oh! David Ross, CEO of Ross Video, flips the script and turns the microphone on #broadcastbeatDavid Ross, CEO of Ross Video correspondent Jaime Alexander at the #nabshow for her reaction to Inception software, the production tool for broadcast organization! Inception is a browser-based newsroom content and editorial system that places social media integration right into the center of news production; this encourages content collaboration by its very design – it works anywhere, from the newsroom to the field. Inception helps you reach the broadest audience, by producing content for all mediums – including broadcast, the Web, and social media – in order to be successful and get the word out.  Whether you’re replacing an older system or starting new, Inception has you covered!  See for yourself at:

Wes Donahue, @TVLogicUSA Marketing Director, talks 4K monitors (L), the features of Miller Camera Supports with Mark Clementson (C), and a “light talk” with the lighting experts at Creamsource (R).

Wes Donahue, TVLogicUSA Mktg Dir, talks 4K monitorsMiller Camera Support with Mark Clementson Creamsource







Michael Olmedo & LumensLadibug crystal clear new 4K ptz remote head cameraMichael Olmedo wants you to know about the @LumensLadibug crystal clear new #4K ptz remote head cameras. For example, the Lumens™ VC Family of cameras – the VC-A60S HD Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera to be precise – is equipped with a professional 1/2.8 inch image sensor with Full HD 1080p output resolution and a high dynamic image quality of 60 frames per second, incorporating a superior 30x optical zoom lens with professional noise reduction and wide dynamic range technology which delivers a clear image even in low light, backlight or the extreme contrast of brightness and darkness in a room!  Explore the Lumens product line at:


Below, Jamie Alexander checks-out the awesome NAB Show Control Room,

where the magic actually takes place!

NAB Show Studio Control Room

Charlie Collins with @Zylight displaying fantastic light fixtures, as unique as Chevrolet’s new 1961Charlie Collins with Zylight Chevrolet Corvair 95 Corvair 95 series trucks.  The Chevy Corvair is the perfect “vehicle” (pardon the pun) to showcase Zylight’ line of light products… and we know you have the same question that I did about the truck – why “95?”  The number represented the wheelbase of the trucks, shortened from the 108 inch wheelbase of the of the Corvair passenger car.  Fair enough! The other unique quality (aside from also having a side liftgate) is the fact that the engine is rear-mounted, just like the Volkswagen version by which Chevrolet was inspired!)  But enough about the attention-getter (the truck), let’s talk lighting… Zylight’s products are designed by a team of award-winning engineers and designers with experience in advanced fields ranging from autonomous aircraft to digital cameras to submarines. Zylight fixtures appear in both the studio industry and in many industrial applications! Light up your life with Zylight – and see more here:

Bob Boster president of clearcomsystemLive broadcasting is about delivering the highest quality programming, instantly and on cue.  As viewers’ expectations of broadcasting change, your production communication becomes increasingly more critical – there is no second take.  Clear-Com intercom systems help producers, directors, camera men, and sound crews to coordinate their actions within their local and network television studios, in OB trucks, and in satellite TV control centers.  Featuring an interactive website that displays sample configurations and lists of the products featured in those illustrations, the importance of communication becomes as clear as the Clear-Com signal!  Literally the “communication backbone” in theaters, schools, local broadcast stations, churches and other small to mid-size live productions, Clear-Com products are simply the superior way to communicate.  Give them a shout at:

Vizrt - Real or VirtualChris Black of (vizrt)

<< Chris Black of Vizrt explains how he can quickly deliver content to outlets even before it’s completely finished. His system can fill in the action between the start and the finish well before it’s complete. Used mainly for sports, this is must-see movie magic.

Is it real or is it Vizrt? Only their >  cameraman knows for sure…


Larry Becker knows – Atomos helps creative professionals cut through technology barriers by creating easy to use, cutting Larry Becker of Atomosedge products. Their Shogun Inferno combines the most advanced in technology – 1500nit/10bit/HDR, the latest recording capability – 4Kp60 over Quad-SDI, along with playback & editing functionality. “The best technology booms are the ones that truly WOW long standing professionals. HDR on the Atomos products leaves even the most experienced video professional excited like a kid in a candy store – never before have you actually been able to monitor and shoot what you are actually seeing,” said Jeromy Young CEO and Co-founder. “Just as we opened up the changeover from MPEG to ProRes and the upgrade from HD to 4K, we’re focused on ensuring the exciting breakthrough that is HDR easily becomes part of every filmmaker’s arsenal. To do this all at 4K 60p is a real revolution.” For more information, go to


Michiel de Craen with Vocas showcasing their excellent gimblesFor you, I have gimbals! Michiel de Craen with Vocas showcases their excellent gimbals! For those of you who have never been camera operators, a gimbal is a pivoted support that allows the rotation of an object about a single axis… in other words, it holds the camera while allowing it to rotate in a controlled fashion for steady shooting.  Gimbals have really become technological marvels in and of themselves, and some of the finest come from precision manufacturing companies, such as Vocas.  Vocas Systems develops innovative, high-quality products for film & video professionals. It’s all in the engineering – and the entire product line has been designed with quality and durability! But don’t take my word for it – check them out yourself! Get your gimbals here:

 Father and son? YES THEY ARE! The family is as important as the fine craftsmanship that goes into each and every TBC Console! With more production procedures being moved towards the softwareJerry (L) and Jansen (R) Hahn of TBC Consoles domain, it’s very easy to forget how much of our production takes place in the master control facilities where hardware is, sometimes, as important – if not MORE important – than the software.  Case in point: the furniture that not only holds the costly equipment, but needs to provide ergonomic comfort for those who spend most of their day in production. For the broadcast studio, the optimum technical furniture is often custom built. The quality and placement of technical furniture has a significant impact on studio workflow. TBC Consoles has a variety of solutions for the broadcast professional. Their ergonomic systems account for workflow, customer preference and functionality.  Years of practice have honed their skills and earned them multiple Broadcast Engineering Yearly Excellence Awards. You have to see these incredible consoles – not just desks, but some of the most important pieces you’ll ever have! Check-out the full product line at:

Did somebody say 8K? Yowza! The Vitec brand Anton/Bauer has the pre-eminent portable power and Joe Teodosio, training manager at antonbauerbatteriesbattery solutions for the industry. Joe Teodosio, Training Manager, helped us check-out the CINE battery series! Powerful and tough, The CINE battery series features next-gen tech the Li-Ion cell – which is also lightweight with a long lasting charge. These batteries feature a plain and sharp LCD display of their charge… listed as a percentage when not attached to a device and as a time remaining countdown (judged by the devices power requirements) when it’s attached to a device.  This battery can continuously kick-out 12 amps of uninterrupted power – sufficient to run even 14-volt accessories like monitors, receivers and lights. Fused-link technology (an innovation of Tesla Motors) is also incorporated into the Cine Batteries for additional safety and reliability.  For more info, go to:

Phillip Grossman of Imagine Communications shared a little bit of his insight into the state of the art Selenio One software-based platform.  This video compression platform gives industry professionals anPhillip Grossman of imaginecommunications upgrade on existing compression technologies with this example of evolving tech at its current apex.  Providers and distributors gain expanding ability to manipulate and manage content with multiple concurrent applications and support hybrid distribution models. Modular architecture insures the future-proofing of this amazing platform. Seamless data streaming lends itself handily to the pursuit of peak efficiency.  Free-up bandwidth, access a QAM channel without degrading video quality. Easily usable right off the shelf this program clearly has it all.  A host of features pushes this program way over the top. Don’t let your competition gain the upper hand. Get yours today. Look at their website:

Meet Alex Nauda: he spoke with us about SafeStream – MediaSilo’s cutting-edge Instant Watermarking Alex Nauda of MediaSilo and SafeStream's Instant Watermarkingsystem.  MediaSilo is an on-demand watermarking solution that utilizes their video sharing platform. It embeds a visible watermark in the video stream in true time. Why mess with damage control at all when you can guard against premature content release from the very first step? Keep your revue stream from getting damned by pirates.  Safestream takes the ownership of user’s content seriously with true cross-platform security. Get down to Booth SL9416 in the lower south hall. Watermarked images are customizable to be truly user-specific. Adding the watermark is a very rapid process, allowing content owners more flexibility and safety while distributing copies for specific work or reviewing the product.  If you can’t get to the booth, go to:

Booth C12719 is presenting what is essentially a dual debut: it is presenting Pliant as the new professional products division of CoachComm and, having that new division, present its latest products Pliant Technologies with Gary Rosen presenting Crewcomfor consideration by the industry. We talked a bit with Gary Rosen about this innovative new technology.  The Crewcom is a new and ground-breaking professional wireless intercom that enables the highest user-concentration, with unequaled range, and scalability. With its full-duplex wireless radio packs having numerous concurrent frequency bands, the full suite of other features allowing flexibly-sized production crews the very best of options when a project is underway. Crewcom provides outstanding voice quality across their new proprietary network CrewNet. CrewWare supplies the intuitive graphical software that keeps it all going.  See their fine communications product line at:

James Eddershaw, the sales director of Shotoku Broadcast Systems, talks about how their latest James Eddershaw sales director SHOTOKUproduct kicks the world of VR up yet another notch with their introduction of their new Free-d2, a next-gen tracking system that no longer requires that there be devices attached to the camera supports and moving axis – camera location can now be precisely tracked via ceiling markers to pinpoint location and direction accurately.  Live studio productions, along with News & Sports, can be accomplished with this system using relative ease, utilizing sophisticated video processing algorithms; the system is always certain where the cameras are how and where they are aimed. Getting set-up to use the Free-d2 is easy; a small purposed camera is attached to the larger broadcast camera to keep track of the ceiling markers.  Track this camera at:

PTZ never had it so good! Steve Turner, of O’Connor Engineering, explained that their pan and tilt heads are top of line and they are striving to maintain that lofty position.  Quality and ease of use are Jeff Adams with OConnor product manager, Steve Turnerthe prime concerns here, with fluid drag chambers and pan and tilt bearings, the counterbalance mechanism handles like a dream. Top-quality magnesium alloy ingots provide a tough, durable, and precise product.  The fact is that you find O’Connor supports and accessories paired with top-tier cameras like Arri, Angenieux, Blackmagic Design, Canon, Fujinon, Ikegami and more throughout The Show is a silent testament to this brand’s unparalleled excellence. The best cameras in the world need the best mounts in the world to produce the best pictures possible. In the studio or out in the field, choose O’Connor to provide the perfect support for your precious cameras. Experience the O’Connor difference at:

 SuperMeet Setup

Well, another exciting day here at the 2016 NAB Show! And while the Show is winding down, Broadcast Beat is getting our “second wind” and are gearing-up for the 15th Annual SuperMeet at The Riviera Hotel & Casino – Pavilion Ballroom!  It’s already underway… be sure to get tickets for THIS extravaganza! (Here: Hope to see you there!  And I know we’ll be seeing you tomorrow – so, stay blogged-in and tuned-in!

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