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NAB thrives on both the established and the new.  So, what new thing is attracting Angels and Sharks and the merely curious, you might ask?  Why, to the show within the NAB Show, of course!  Welcome to SPROCKIT!  Seeking-out the newest of the new and innovative companies that might otherwise have to burn time and resources just to get attention, SPROCKIT brings their cutting-edge ideas and tech into the premier media industry trade show, the NAB, helping free-up these companies’ resources to focus on what they do best – innovate and create.

SPROCKIT showcases up to 30 market-ready companies at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 5-10, 2014.  This year, there are 27.  At the event, the different startups are given a five-minute slot to showcase their company and product.  After the show, there is a potential investor Q & A session.

SPROCKIT gives the stage to each of its client startups in turn, allowing presentation and demonstration of its ideas and wares in both a public setting and a stage show.  SPROCKIT also facilitates private meetings with these small companies and investors and/or industry leaders that usually proves to be mutually beneficial.  The SPROCKIT program is an innovation to help the innovators.

This year, the lucky companies featured at 2014 NAB Show are:

AudioAir are designers of the new must have APP for venues that employ multiple (even different) TV screens in an establishment. This App creates a sort of mini-cloud within that venue (a sports bar is a prime example) that allows the user to chat with other people in that establishment, tap into specific audio for any one of that venues video feeds, and even tap into Facebook. Interaction occurs thru the patrons own mobile device on or off the premise.

Chute allows discovery and organization of fan photos and videos as well as acquiring use/publishing permission from said fans, thus allowing publishers and brands to incorporate this content into visual media and stories. This system searches every touch point of customer/fan contact for its data including ads, social properties and websites.

Civolution has content recognition that has never been so easy! ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) technology has solutions for identification, management, and monetization of media content.  Advertisers, Content Owners, Distributors and rights holders have never had it so easy.

CloudFlare, Inc. offers the attraction of adding website apps with a single click to its already strong base service that includes cyber-defense and double speed for your website that makes sure it’s always on, and always quick.

Clypd platform for TV advertising connects the buyers to the sellers, automates workflow and leverages data which providing precise and timely audience targeting.

Cognitive Networks enables truetime interaction with services that operate Enhanced TV on Smart TVs, allowing users to optimize their viewing experience and interaction with content via their smart TV.

Discourse Analytics aids broadcasters to make the digital experience unique and personal for its audience by fostering better understanding and humanization of the data generated by potential customers’ connections with digital assets.

Eyeris has AI emotion recognition technology. EmoVu, its flagship product, records and analyzes people’s facial expressions to read emotions via webcam as the audience views computer videos.

ExciteM’s platform allows broadcast stations to generate custom interactive mobile and social experiences in truetime for their patrons

FEM Inc’s embeddable video discovery platform was developed as an app for entertainment networks that has, or seeks to acquire engage, a female audience.

iPowow generates participatory TV formats that allow broadcasters to engage with their audience in a TV shows story second by second thru their mobile devices. The service also allows advertisers to directly connect to consumers.

Lingospot enhances the TV viewing experience by adding content relevant to what’s being viewed. It allows access to relevant news articles, photos and profiles, stock charts etc. which are available on a second TV screen via a companion smart TV application.

MAZ mobile publishing platform allows various brands to generate enhanced experiences thru the transformational media properties into “mini” social networks. Help future proof your business with MAZ.

net2TV special interest programming allows interested viewers access to a programming service which connects to major web and media brands. The service is available via internet TV’s and tablets.

nFluence’s technology and service allow consumers to anonymously make their desires known to business without worry of being targeted by advertising (specialized or otherwise). This consumer driven marketing is powered by autograph®, a personalized mobile technology.

Paladin Innovators offer hardware and software solutions for broadcasting as well as streaming video. Check out ‘The Paladin’ a streaming studio that fits in a backpack.

Penthera provides video software solutions that are smart and portable both for content distributors and TV networks.

ShareRocket ratings solution for social media and audience interaction aids media companies and broadcasters to elucidate and present their social media equity, stay competitive via marketing intelligence that generates practical useable insights and reach for success.

Shoelace Wireless is the developer of software solutions that speed content delivery to mobile devices by networking multiple wireless networks.

SocialNewsDesk’s social media management tool was created by social media newspeople, it allows broadcasters to use a single dashboard to  manage a team, monetize social media, and increase social engagement.

SportXast is a mobile app for sportsfans.  It allows them to capture, share and watch the best of amateur sports video highlights, no editing required.

Theloop is a new online social and marketplace environment that allows single and corporate users to present and deliver services and monetize their online content.

Tomorrowish is a social media DVR which synchronizes and orchestrates a live social media TV experience for the audience. This allows truetime interaction and conversation about shows media content either live or after it has aired.

Watchup, a startup out of Stanford, combines personalized video streams from the world’s most trusted news sources to a personalized video feed for the user

Wayin utilizes truetime data of viewers TV and media usage, allowing users and producers to optimize and direct their creative energies to increase focus to more easily display social content incorporated into their own optimized broadcast production workflow.

WebTuner TV meets broadband with this nextgen hardware, featuring content that is innovative and interactive. This addressable advertising platform generates individualized consumer experience and usage while promoting creativity and industry growth

XYZ Stream Hosting is a streaming digital media platform that is centered on innovative software,  delivering better content with more efficiency to its users, owners, and distributors with its cutting edge solutions.

 A focal point for innovation as well as a look into the future is SPROCKIT – a year-round program that shines the spotlight on industry game-changers and created through a partnership between NAB and World Series of Start-Ups LLC, with other partners and corporate members such as: Angel Capital Association, Convergent Wealth Advisors, Hearst Television, infoDev, SmithGeiger and Univision, it is supported chiefly by Springboard Enterprises LLC and New Vantage Group.  Giving market-ready startup companies the opportunity to present their products or services directly to influencers in media and entertainment, SPROCKIT skims-off the cream of the startups and presents them to the industry.

The SPROCKIT “Hub” not only provides opportunities to highlight media startups and every activity surrounding the process (discovering what those groundbreaking companies have up their creative sleeves), it also features a series of presentations on stage that will give 10 market-ready startup companies the opportunity to present their product or service directly to influencers in the media and entertainment industries.

Aside from presenting on-stage in front of NAB Show attendees, each SPROCKIT showcased company has access to private corner-office suites which can be used for one-on-one meetings with leading executives.  Over and above all this, there is a SPROCKIT Awards Ceremony and VIP Reception.  Check-out more about this unique program at:

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