Getting Around At The 2016 NAB Show

DateLockup-BlueThe NABShow2016 is coming up fast, and Broadcast Beat has you covered on registration packages, NABShow accommodations and transportation while in beautiful Las Vegas, NV! For every NABshowgoer, customizing your event experience should be the highest priority. The list should contain which hotels in and around the Strip offer “free shuttle service” to the convention floor, “bang for the buck” packages and upgrades, etc..etc. Every NABshow veteran knows it’s a  ‘heck of lot” easier to take the shuttle- then to take your rental car (how much for parking? did you say!?, or “whew” a walk in the desert heat (if you don’t believe me, or want to try it one time- I told you so! Please make sure to take your sunscreen with you a 50spf is highly recommend).

Here is the hyper link to the all the hotels that are participating in NAB2016 (note: some are already sold out- so act NOW)

And, here is the hyperlink to the Shuttle Bus Schedule:

There are 8 different  registration packages to choose from The Exhibits Pass with Session 3-Pack starting at $150.00 all the way up to the Super Sessions Pass that provides you with access to all of the Super Sessions, Exhibits, and All-Badge Access Sessions for $325.00. Remember: ALL package pricing varies by the registrations type and discounts rates apply to certain passes for Government employees and Students with proper school ID.  Here is the hyper link to the Registration Packages:

After you have selected your Exhibits Pass – look to upgrade and elevate the overall experience with either the Unleash Your VIP Package or the Stay & Play Package. Both offer a ton of perks guaranteed to please anyone that wants more! Here is the hyper link to the details and upgrade:

The Exhibitor View of Floor Plan is something that you will need to review before you get to the convention floor on  your first day- if you don’t know where your desired vendors are located you WILL be walking and walking- did I say walking in circles.  Please MAP YOUR SHOW you can find it here:

BBimagesI wish everyone a very happy, safe and rewarding experience at NABShow2016! It’s Vegas, baby! Make sure to keep up with all of the NABShow technology by visiting us here at Broadcast Beat Magazine! Enjoy the SHOW and Stay in the KNOW with

Broadcast Beat Magazine the official producer of NABShow LIVE.

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