Net+ Celebrates Successful 10th Anniversary with Anevia (now ATEME)

Anevia (now ATEME), the leader in video delivery solutions for broadcast, cable, DTH, IPTV and OTT, and Swiss multiscreen TV service provider Net+, announce the tenth anniversary of their technology partnership. This collaboration was a key factor in making Net+ one of the most innovative TV service providers in Switzerland. Using Anevia’s OTT video-delivery solutions, Net+ today offers a wide range of features including cloud DVR, timeshift, startover and seven-day catchup TV.

Net+ began as a joint venture between Sierre Energie and a TV network operator in Sion. Both companies were already providing nPVR successfully with Anevia Flamingo headends. They decided in 2010 to share their infrastructure, giving birth to the first Net+ IPTV service in 2011. In 2013 Net+ became one of the first IPTV services in the world to offer cloud DVR services with its multiscreen viewing. At the start of 2020, it completed a full switchover from IPTV to OTT.

“Anevia met our specific needs by adapting its own development roadmap, including the development of APIs for integration into our back-office system,” Net+ CEO Christian Voide comments. “The resultant quality of experience is very high and greatly appreciated by our subscribers. Following Anevia’s purchase by ATEME, we look forward to continuing our longstanding partnership with the team and exploring the best-in-class solutions available to us.”

Damien Lucas, Chief Product Officer, ATEME

Net+ today provides multimedia Internet, fixed telephony and television services grouped together in packs called “BLI BLA BLO.” It powers the delivery of multiscreen TV services via 11 member networks to over 220,000 households in 18 cities throughout French-speaking Switzerland. Anevia NEA-DVR® packagers are used in geographically redundant clustered configurations for guaranteed service. Also integrated into the system are Anevia’s CSI Award-winning Embedded Distributed Storage (EDS) technology and the multi-site NEA-CDN® streaming-video content delivery network.

“We are proud to have contributed to the success of Net+ over the years,” adds Anevia co-founder and newly appointed Chief Product Officer at ATEME, Damien Lucas. “Christian Voide and his team have demonstrated their ability to succeed across all aspects of the business, not least in the advantages to be gained from offering state-of-the-art multimedia functionality to stay ahead of the competition, and we look forward to continuing our support.”

Net+ secured first position in Bilanz Telekom’s 2019 rating of Swiss operators, ranked as the number 1 provider of TV services. This recognition acknowledged a sustained commitment to innovation by the network’s engineers and product managers in the heart of French-speaking Switzerland.

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