Net Insight simplifies IP media adoption with advanced ST 2110 functions

Stockholm, Sweden — Net Insight announces the most significant upgrade to its Nimbra 1000 platform, introducing flexible and advanced ST 2110 functionality simplifying the adoption of all-IP workflows and safeguarding high-bandwidth media applications up to and beyond 100 Gbps.

“Our goal is to make things simpler for customers implementing IP media workflows, so that they can deliver critical media services and protect their investments as they transition to all-IP,” says Crister Fritzson, CEO of Net Insight. “We want to enable customers in their journey to IP, regardless of whether they need to integrate into a new IP environment or upgrade an existing Nimbra network. With Nimbra – field-proven for over 20 years – we offer an all-in-one, plug-and-play, and future-proof integration of a full suite of functions for easy media management.“

“We have developed a suite of functions to retain the trusted reliability and easy management of the Nimbra platform while enabling to build any type of IP-centric workflow using ST 2110, ST 2022-6 and connection with SDI in any combination of networks,” says Christer Bohm, VP Product Management at Net Insight. “In addition, as media networks are more open and internet-connected, network access must remain tamper-proof, secure, and trusted. To this point Net Insight’s IP Media Trust Boundary is included in this suite of functions, ensuring security is at the heart of every workflow.”

“We trust Net Insight’s ability to deliver the easy-to-operate and cost-saving IP solutions that we need to grow our business,” says Andreas Langell, CEO of Mobilelinks. “Our next steps include the implementation of more Nimbra 1060 nodes and an upgrade from 600 Gbps to 1,200 Gbps on our existing Nimbra media network, in order to keep up with our customers’ requirements of more bandwidth and additional locations.”

Net Insight’s suite of ST 2110 functions and benefits:

With Net Insight’s enhanced suite of ST 2110 functions in the Nimbra platform customers can now safely and easily run up to and beyond 100 Gbps WAN network applications, including processing functions such as JPEG XS, JPEG 2000, and MPEG4. It comprises Net Insight’s IP Media Trust Boundary for security and easy management, and full conversion between ST 2110, ST 2022-6 and SDI, which means unparalleled flexibility for organizations undergoing an incremental transition to IP workflows. This way the Nimbra 1000 platform can act both as an IP Gateway with up to 100 Gbps aggregation, or as a fully ST 2110-compatible MSR network.

Net Insight’s IP Media Trust Boundary is a media safeguarding application that keeps media secure, monitored and compliant as it is transported across networks domains. Some of the core functions that Net Insight’s Trust Boundary includes are real-time IP media monitoring, media protection, traffic control, flow replication, and the ability to scale up to 256 flows on a 100 Gbps network connection.

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