Net Insight unveils next-gen facility interconnect reliability with ST 2110 enhancement

Net Insight is thrilled to announce a pioneering enhancement in IP media reliability for ST 2110 facilities. This breakthrough promises to revolutionize media interconnect, enhancing both performance and adaptability through an innovative combination of the robust Nimbra IP Media Trust Boundary (IMTB) and steadfast adherence to industry standards such as SMPTE RP 2129.

“Our relentless focus is to empower media companies to not just adopt, but to excel in the dynamic landscape of ST 2110 workflows. We are confident that this enhancement marks an essential step toward realizing this vision,” says Christer Bohm, VP Product Management at Net Insight.

Technical Features

Revolutionary Reliability with IMTB: Building on the solid foundations of the Nimbra IP Media Trust Boundary and leveraging a standards-based approach, our solution promises unparalleled reliability. It notably boosts operational uptime and streamlines troubleshooting processes, marking a quantum leap in both new and existing ST 2110 installations. Media houses can trust in seamless service delivery, thanks to improved operational uptime, making round-the-clock broadcasting a reality, devoid of technical glitches and prolonged troubleshooting episodes.

100GbE Flow Processing: The solution handles ultra-high bandwidth 100GbE workflows with precision, providing meticulous control, monitoring, and protection of every media flow, ensuring network integrity through comprehensive end-to-end validation. Broadcasting giants handling massive media flows can now manage their networks smoothly, with an assurance of integrity maintained through comprehensive end-to-end validations, fostering an ecosystem of trust and reliability.

Versatile Equipment Reusability: Facilitating a smooth transition between various formats, it enables ST 2110 to HD/3G/12G-SDI adaptation, presenting a solution where interoperability meets efficiency. Production houses can now effortlessly navigate between ST 2110 and SDI, thanks to Net Insight’s solution that facilitates modern, IP-based workflows. This innovation enables direct integration with ST 2110, in parallel with existing SDI infrastructure and prefiguring a future-proof production environment that is both adaptable and aligned with the advancing industry landscape.

Simplified Integration with Data Workflows: Ensuring cost-effective and straightforward integration of ST 2110 with data workflows and offering a multifaceted solution encompassing IP media processing, video compression, Ethernet switching, and lossless data transport over WAN, all in one innovative package. Production departments in media companies can seamlessly integrate varied data workflows, managing IP media processing and video compression efficiently, enhancing service delivery and reducing operational costs.

Future-Ready Adaptability with Nimbra’s Trusted Reliability: As the adoption of ST2 110 workflows continue to grow in the industry, the demand for a reliable and stable operational platform becomes paramount. Net Insight meets this need head-on with the Nimbra platform, recognized for its reliability and stability. Leveraging media and networking expertise in the ST 2110 landscape while offering solutions grounded in Nimbra’s quality, facilitating not just adaptability, but an enduring peace of mind. Businesses venturing into the ST 2110 era can confidently rely on Nimbra’s well-established reputation for a seamless and secure transition.

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Investor Highlights

Innovation Leadership: Leveraging the Nimbra IP Media Trust Boundary technology showcases Net Insight’s commitment to spearheading innovation in the industry, promising sustainable growth and leadership in the market. The integration of trust boundary technology, support for ST 2110 workflows, and multiple 100G bandwidth capabilities distinctly positions Net Insight as a pioneer in the market, offering a solution that stands unrivalled in terms of reliability and adaptability.


Standard Compliance and Industry Influence: The strict adherence to and shaping of industry standards like SMPTE RP 2129 reinforces Net Insight’s dedication to not just meeting but setting industry benchmarks, fostering trust and reliability in the stakeholder community.

Customer-Centric Future Planning: Net Insight’s solutions are sculpted to meet both current and future industry demands, epitomizing the unwavering commitment to meeting customer needs today and in the rapidly evolving future landscape.

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