Net Insight’s Connector™ Community Now the Go-To Marketplace for Media Service Orchestration

Net Insight, the leading provider in media transport and resource scheduling, today announces the massive adoption and momentum of its Connector Community, a marketplace for broadcasters and media service providers to easily exchange services. New service providers and broadcasters have joined the community contributing to a rapid growth of more than 400% per cent in the last year.

The Connector Community is an online marketplace designed to enable participants to share service offerings, inventory and resources in real-time. Leveraging its growing global community of service providers and subscribers using the ScheduALL® software, resources such as cameras, personnel, and connectivity, satellite or terrestrial, can be scheduled and provisioned from a wide range of service providers through an intuitive user interface. Availability is visible in real-time, and built-in billing and cost features provide immediate individual and overall project budget figures for management analysis, approval and reporting.

The benefits of the Connector Community are significant. For service providers, it delivers a high-profile marketplace to promote available services and resources to the industry, manage the continuity of inventory and maximize the return on their own resource investment.

“The ability to not only schedule but elastically scale resources on-demand in a simple and cost transparent way is a key part of allowing broadcasters to do more with less, as the competition for viewership intensifies,” said Martin Karlsson, CTO and vice president product portfolio at Net Insight. “The Connector Community uniquely enables these players to operate locally, yet think globally and utilize resources and services as if they were dedicated in-house.”

“Our customers want fast, seamless and streamlined access to our available satellite resources.  With Net Insight’s ScheduALL Connector™, the administrative complexities are eliminated,” said Justine Gardner, manager, occasional use and special events at major satellite provider Intelsat. “Within minutes our customers gain instant and accurate visibility of our available resources, and are able to match these to their specifications and book capacity.”

“From our perspective, Net Insight’s Connector Community’s end-to-end financial, capacity and utilization visibility optimizes our resource utilization and provides rapid return on investments, which enables us to be prompt in responding to our customers’ demands,” said Richard Lamb, general manager of occasional use at major satellite provider SES. “At the same time, the elimination of repetitive emails and complex project spreadsheets frees up resources to provide the satellite capacity that enables our customers to connect their audience and businesses.”

Benefits for Connector subscribers are also significant, providing them pay-per-use access to external resources with full financial visibility and project billing. It not only allows them to view and book current inventory, but also to book services and resources across (for example) an event season.

“By booking transmission services via ScheduALL Connector™, we’ve streamlined our workflow and increased resource utilization, ultimately resulting in increased profitability,” said Christine Ehrenbard, director, broadcast development at broadcaster CBS. “We’re able to easily reconcile services and focus on growing other aspects of our business.”

“Being able to secure occasional-use capacity first hand and in real time through Connector is a huge benefit for both our global schedulers and our clients,” said Tiffany Edmonson, director, global transmission & connectivity at leading teleport Encompass Digital Media. “From scheduling to invoicing, Connector streamlines and accelerates our booking process with all pertinent information being shared between our two systems. We are able to provide our clients with instantaneous responses on availability as well as deliver accurate invoices in a very timely manner.”

Since its launch two years ago, Net Insight’s Connector Community has experienced exponential growth. The first half of 2016 already facilitated more than five times as many transactions as were generated all of last year. The community’s adoption is gaining momentum with a consistent increase in members and volume of service transactions being served within the community.

See a live demonstration of Net Insight’s ScheduALL Connector by visiting Net Insight’s ScheduALL Stand #1.B40 at IBC 2016, 9-13 September.

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