Net Insight’s Nimbra 1060 Can Help Broadcasters Deliver Top Notch Live Media Events


As a global leader, Net Insight’s mission is to deliver an improved media experience. The same focus goes for every professional working in the broadcasting industry. Every piece of high-quality visual content a creator makes is part of an effort of delivering an improved media experience to their target audience. And with Net Insight’s Nimbra 1060 WAN transport-platform, they can do just that.


About Net Insight



For over two decades, Net Insight has been a global leader in media networks and resource optimization. The company’s twenty years of experience have established it as a well-respected partner, as well as a leading force in the media tech industry through the creation of better media experiences for customers.

Net Insight is powering the evolving media business in a connected world where technology enables seamless meetings between producers, distributors, and consumers of content, and this happens regardless of the geographical location, technical resources, or the distribution network. With Net Insight’s understanding of the market, their insight, genuine customer focus, and world-leading innovative technology, they make it easier for users to create and deliver better content in a more reliable and effective way.

The main drive behind Net Insight is the idea that everything can always be done smarter, for both its customers and their own customers. Over 500 world-class customers from more than 60 countries worldwide run mission-critical media services using Net Insight’s solutions. And with its two product areas of media networks and resource optimization, the company offers solutions that enable network operators and media companies the benefit of lower costs and the potential for effective new media service launches.


Net Insight’s Nimbra 1000




If any broadcaster was looking for a way to improve how they delivered their content to their audiences, then the Nimbra 1060 definitely fits the bill. This device is Net Insight’s Next-generation WAN transport-platform. It is designed for all-IP services and all-IP networks. It also guarantees quality for the most demanding live media events while equally providing agility through automated real-time provisioning.

The Nimbra 1060 is able to scale both switching and link capacities to levels unprecedented in the media WAN space, hence enabling event sites, stadiums, studios, and production sites to be interconnected using a total of 1,2 Tbps of guaranteed capacity in just a compact 3RU modular form factor. Future proof building practice with fully flexible cooling and power configurations allows deployment in any modern service provider, broadcaster, or data center environment. The Nimbra 1060 is also designed with a virtualization architecture, which uses a commonly used hardware platform for all media and network functions, which then enables for the flexible deployment of functions anywhere in the network. The device is both modular and redundant, with hot-swappable and protected components guaranteeing uptime and reliability.


The Nimbra Portfolio

In addition to the Nimbra 1060, as well as similar products, the Nimbra portfolio was made in order to enable reliable long-distance media networking across any infrastructure. This provided users with the peace of mind to focus on what really matters, and that is their content and the creation behind it. The Nimbra portfolio simplifies the content creation process for users whilst providing the tools to provide their customers with an even better experience.

The Major benefits of users implementing the Nimbra Portfolio include:

  • Broadcast grade reliability (Provides lossless media transport over any type of infrastructure)
  • Elastic and adaptable (Easy to manage large scale networks no matter the underlying infrastructure)
  • Open virtualized architecture (Transport both audio, video, and data in one box)
  • Always timing-aware (Video feeds can be aligned in time upon delivery, enabling synchronized playout for use cases such as remote production and primary distribution)
  • Service & Network Monitoring (Combining continuous monitoring and powerful troubleshooting capabilities with increased service availability)

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Why Net Insight



Net Insight offers reliable, innovative and future-proof solutions to the media industry, and many professionals within the broadcasting industry can benefit from that. Not only does this 20 yeard old company work closely with customers by providing solutions for better media experience, but it also makes it easier and more cost-efficient for its users to create and deliver better content for their audiences. Most recently, Net Insight acquired Aperi product line, which supports low-latency, software-based media processing platforms for live production and transport services workflows. This alone is just one of the many ways that the company’s mission is driven by a need to provide its users with the best tools for creating even greater media experiences for their customers.

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