New Area 48 Color Offers Breakthrough Color Rendition

Denmark’s BB&S Lighting announces the new Area 48 Color, which provides unparalleled color accurate illumination in both white light and RGB. With a similarly small footprint as the company’s workhorse Area 48, the new fixture is the most compact and powerful, full-color LED panel light on the market today.

With a range of 10,000°K to 2500°K color temperature, Area 48 Color delivers 13,000 Lumen output (compared to a 1500W tungsten soft), and draws just 160W. It operates flicker-free and silent (fan-free design), and is totally free of color shift while dimming from 100% to zero. It projects accurate, soft output with 105-degree dispersion.

BB&S has incorporated 20-years of LED expertise into the Area 48 Color. To produce full color with extreme accuracy, it incorporates R/G/B plus cool white and warm white LEDs (2700°K and 5600°K) that are selectively binned to ensure top quality. This allows outstanding saturated and tinted color rendition, as well as white light range from 2500°K to 10,000°K.

To achieve superior rendition, especially for the age-old challenge of achieving natural looking skin tones, the BB&S team developed a method of refining the color mix. Their breakthrough ensures that the essential wavelengths for generating a natural look are present and consistent over the white spectrum. An on-fixture touchscreen for is provided for control, including plus/minus green and plus/minus magenta settings. Users can also operate via DMX/RDM.

This lighting tool offers color accuracy of 97.5 CRI or 96-98 TLCI throughout the white range. Without flicker at any frame rate or color shift, it delivers smooth 8/16-bit DMX/RDM dimming all the way to zero.

Area 48 Color measures 13.97”/35.48 cm wide, 10.82”/27.48 cm high, by 4.53”/11.50 cm deep and weighs 10-lbs/4.6kg, including its on-board power supply. It is easy to transport and well- suited for stands or lighting grids with the PSU mounted on the yoke. The unit ships with removable barn doors complete with safety cable, a yoke-mounted 48V power supply and TVMP for and MSRP of $3295. Optional soft boxes and lighting grids are available.


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