New Dalet SportsPack – Special NAB 2015 Presentation

Featured in a joint presentation with Diversified Systems in the Dalet Academy Theater (Dalet booth SL4525) during NAB 2015, Dalet SportsPack for teams and venues is an affordable turnkey solution based on the Dalet Galaxy, Dalet AmberFin and Dalet Brio platforms. A default configuration of the enterprise solution of Dalet Sports Factory, Dalet SportsPack offers predefined modules, workflows and roles with advanced metadata capabilities for optimizing content search, retrieval, production and distribution.

With Dalet Brio, which features advanced ingest and playout capabilities, teams and venues can manage simultaneous and synchronized ingest of multiple camera feeds as well as distribute content to screens located throughout the stadium, all from within the SportsPack solution. Support for industry standard metadata sources, such as SMT, Stats and Sports ML, makes it easy for sports teams to associate player stats, boxscore data, league standings and much more with Dalet SportsPack ingested content.

Operators can log events using the integrated Dalet Sports Logger application complete with customizable sports-oriented buttons and features. The underlying Dalet MAM generates metadata-rich content and associates proxies that are stored centrally in a content catalog for easy search and retrieval. The comprehensive metadata capture means coaches, players and back-office staff can quickly search for content from any camera angle that has been recorded, or is currently recording.

Dalet SportsPack connects postproduction activities directly into the production pipeline via its Dalet Xtend module. Fast search and browse tools give video editors the ability to find key plays based on teams, players, games or any other relevant information. They can quickly create highlight reels using the Dalet OneCut video editor or other well-known non-linear editing systems such as Adobe Premiere®, Avid® or Final Cut Pro®. All the key plays logged by sports loggers appear on the video editing timeline as markers for any video recorded of the event, making a video editor’s job simple and efficient while editing multiple camera angles.

Dalet AmberFin transcoding, a key component of the Dalet SportsPack configuration, allows staff to transcode content in multiple formats including to and from SD, HD, 4K and more, making it possible for teams and venues to distribute content to any broadcast signal as well as to YouTube, Twitter and other social networks. Directly connected to the Dalet MAM content catalog, the integrated Dalet Media Navigator application manages playlist creation and playout to multiple platforms inside and outside the stadium.

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