New Deloitte Research Points To An Ever Shifting Broadcasting Landscape


Recent research from Deloitte has found that the only true constant in today’s broadcasting industry, regardless of genre, is change. Deloitte has recently released its 2017 Digital Democracy Survey and it reveals, for the most part, the power of emerging and evolving technologies that have put the viewer in charge of programming like never before.

Major shifts are seen on how consumers, especially the the younger generations, current teens (Gen Z) and the Millennials, are watching advertising, binge watching and social media content consumption. Some of the highlights of the research includes:

  • Streaming services continue to gain ground as multiple generations increase their use of streaming services that allows them to watch what they want when they want. About half of all consumers surveyed currently subscribe to a streaming service with well over 60% of Gen Z, Millennials and Gen Y having a subscription to a paid streaming service of some kind. Free streaming services, however, are accessed over 40% of the time for content. Paid streaming content does get watched 35% of the time.
  •  Binge watching has become all the rage and doesn’t look to be slowing down at all. Nearly 75% of those surveyed say they binge watch regularly while Gen Z and the Millennials are binge watching over 90% of the time. Over 40% of these bingers do so every week on a regular basis. Binge watching something consists of watching at least three episodes of content during one full sitting. This number is low for most and Gen Z and Millennials binge far more than three episodes at a sitting.

  • Pretty much everyone surveyed, regardless of generation, which included the Baby Boomers, don’t simply just sit and watch. Focusing on just one thing at a time is not an option as viewers are doing a multiple of other things while they are supposedly absorbing visual content.
  • Young Gen Z’s and Millennials tend to look for support on their social networks with regard to buying anything. Peer reviews are more important than regular ads. Advertisers are hard pressed with these two generations because these two groups tend to be doing at least four other things in addition to watching television. Nearly 70% pay no attention to mobile ads and more that 80% will skip over commercials if there is an option to do so.
  • Over 30% of Gen Z and Millennials get their news from social media outlets while 21% of those surveyed get their news exclusively from television broadcasting.
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