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The Frezzi SunLight is a breakthrough product with the unmatched output of a 575W HMI and new proprietary Directional Focusing LED design that adjusts the beam pattern without the use of high loss lenses or optical shaping filters commonly used to control LED beam pattern that reduces output significantly.

This ground breaking design utilizes the latest state-of-the-art 90+ CRI 5600 K broadcast quality high-output LEDs and ultra-efficient highly polished internal reflectors. This configuration captures 100% of the usable LED light and projects where you want it. The beam pattern is adjustable with a precise directional focusing control by steering the reflectors from its native 20 degree spot to a full spread flood making it ideal for all shots even in full sun lighting applications.

With the SunLight, there is always enough output for applications where HMI’s are typically required but without the harmful UV emissions, external heavy ballasts, dangerous heat or expensive and fragile HMI lamps. It can operate on AC or DC with HD broadcast camera batteries giving a run time of about 1 hour.  It’s rugged, fully weatherproof with a full range of accessories and 100% dimmable for the ultimate in portable high-output field lighting.

Compared to the other industry LED lighting the SunLight is half the size and weighs only 6.5 pounds for easy stand mounting and transportation. With 50% more output at comparable beam angles its unmatched for ENG/EFP work.

• 575W HMI Type Output in an ultra light-weight and compact 6.5 pound fixture

• Worlds First Directional Focusing LED (DFL) for pattern control from spot to wide

• Almost 1000fc at 10 feet

• Draws only 1.8 Amp with AC Power Supply

• 1 Hour Run Time on DC with 2 Frezzi HD-150 Brick Batteries

• Instant on and runs cool

• Broadcast Color Quality 5600K 90+ CRI

• Weatherproof and ruggedized all aluminum construction

• Full dimming range – 0 to 100% without color shift

• Integrated Battery Voltmeter

• Made in USA




Frezzi Energy System
7 Valley Street –  Hawthorne, NJ – 07506 – USA – [email protected]
Call for more information (973) 427-1160- or email [email protected]





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