New Interoperability in Cloud ATSC 3.0 Gateway Can Accelerate TV Station Deployments and OTT Innovation

DigiCaster is now posted AWS Marketplace and is now interoperable with AWS Elemental
DigiCAP’s cloud ATSC 3.0 gateway is now on AWS Marketplace and interoperable with AWS Elemental Live

Seoul, South Korea October 1, 2021–DigiCAP Co., Ltd, announced new interoperability for DigiCaster, DigiCAP’s virtualized ATSC 3.0 broadcast gateway. This technical achievement enables ATSC 3.0 signals to be integrated with AWS Elemental Media Services and AWS Elemental Live to help accelerate ATSC 3.0 station deployments and open up OTT program distribution opportunities.

Accelerating ATSC 3.0 Station Deployment

This new interoperability enables broadcasters to build a single cloud instance using the DigiCaster ATSC 3.0 broadcast gateway coupled with virtual encoder and transport services from AWS Elemental Media Services and AWS Elemental Live. This combination can be used to create a cloud based STL (studio to transmitter link) that could be deployed using a single instance on AWS Marketplace. Imagine being able to put an entire ATSC 3.0 station STL on the air using a single software download and typing in the IP address for the station’s transmitter exciter input. This can greatly simplify and speed ATSC 3.0 station launches.

Opening an Era of OTT Innovation for Broadcasters

What features can ATSC 3.0 bring to this existing live streaming process? The ATSC 3.0 roadmap includes interactive and personalized distribution capabilities which are a natural fit for a streaming environment. The first requirement for these innovations to begin is enabling ATSC 3.0 signals to enter a virtualized cloud workspace. The first step has been taken!

Concludes Joonyoung Park, VP and Fellow at DigiCAP “We are very excited to provide broadcasters the opportunity to use a single cloud instance to accelerate the ATSC 3.0 adoption process and open the doors for ATSC 3.0 OTT innovation.”

See the DigiCaster post on AWS Marketplace

About DigiCAP Co., Ltd
For the past 20 years, DigiCAP has uses advanced software development to make television and telecom systems easier to use, less costly, and more profitable. DigiCAP’s ATSC 3.0 air chain, DigiCaster, has now been deployed in over half of the ATSC 3.0 market deployments in the US. More information on DigiCaster.





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