Newly Released Video Trends Report Finds Viewers Showing Some Not So Surprising Revelations


A new Video Trends Report for the fourth quarter of 2016, conducted and released by TiVo, has revealed some not so shocking or surprising revelations. The quarterly research report has been put together by the company for the last 16 years. The first rather unsurprising fact is that the so called “cord cutters” are continuing to eliminate their pay TV subscriptions in favor of less expensive streaming and OTT options.

The researchers talked with 3,100 TiVo customers and found that while 83% of them still had pay TV, nearly 20% of the remaining 17% that don’t have it canceled their pay TV subscriptions during the course of the last year. Nearly half of the respondents stated that they had multiple OTT services like Netflix and Hulu but over 80% of them said they were canceling cable and dish TV services because they felt they were simply too expensive.


An additional 30% told the researchers that they were about ready to cut the pay TV cord in search of more affordable viewing options. This has begun to cause some major scrambling among dish and cable providers to put together more streamlined packages. Nearly 65% of the respondents said they would stay with their pay TV provider if they could get a less expensive package that included paying for only the channels they wanted to receive. They are tired of paying for channels they don’t watch. In addition, over 40% wanted to see an integration system where the pay TV providers can easily integrate the streaming services into the overall packages and technology.

Of those spoken with, 84.7% watch television everyday with 71% watching previously recorded content and 64.7% watching streaming and OTT services exclusively. While the research suggested that content will continue to reign, over 30% of the respondents told the researchers that they didn’t have enough time during the day, or the week, to watch all of the content they wanted to watch. The research further suggests that predictive recommendations will cut down on the viewer’s research and will leave them more time to watch.


Over 60% use a SVOD service with 91.1% of them saying they subscribe to more than one of the streaming OTT services like Amazon, Hulu or Netflix. The major reasons given for watching SVOD over pay TV were convenience (36%), ability to watch certain shows and seasons (31%), no commercials or ads (32.1%), it’s cheaper (29.2%), and the ability to watch TV/movies on their computer (24.0%).

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