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NewTek Inc. announced today some very noteworthy technologies that will certainly impact the NDI video world as we know it! NewTek has always been a front runner in the development of technologies that have reshaped our production environment and it should come as no surprise these technology advancements will be coming to a production house near you. The world’s first NDI-PTZ camera with built-in NDI functionality that has the ability to transmit full 3G 1080p 60fps video directly to any and all NDI-compatible product across a standard network will redefine the term “technology with no boundaries”.

“StudioXperience® is a Waskul.TV broadcast venue that travels to events around the world. NewTek’s NDI technology has made it possible for us to expand our capabilities while minimizing resources and studio setup time,” said Steve Waskul, CEO at Waskul Entertainment. “The NewTek NDI PTZ cameras are a great addition to our IP video workflow. They can be set anywhere in the environment and through the magic of NDI they immediately appear on our network and can be accessed and controlled remotely.”

Now, production crews can have the ease of set-up by having a single Ethernet cable providing video and audio, tally, PTZ control, and power. The NDI-PTZ camera will be visible to the latest version of NDI compatible systems such as:  LiveStream Studio, SplitmediaLabs XSplit, Streamstar®, OBS Studio, StudioCoast vMix, Telestream Wirecast, and the NewTek TriCaster. Also, what’s key is the ease of connection that the NDI-PTZ camera will automatically be recognized by industry leading visual conference applications such as GoToMeeting, Skype, Skype for Business, Zoom Media and others.

“There have been a few inflection points in the broadcast industry that have delivered profound benefits, such as the transition to nonlinear editing from cutting tape. The move to IP-based production is one of those unique moments in our industry,” said Michael Kornet, Executive Vice President & General Manager of NDI for NewTek. “The transition is happening fast because it is being driven by customer demand. Producers recognize this technology simplifies their work, while expanding their opportunity to create more and better shows. With the availability of NDI cameras, from NewTek and others that are sure to follow, IP-based production is truly here.”

 The NDI-PTZ camera will be shipping August 1st for $2,799 USMSRP and orders are being accepted as you read this, so don’t wait! Visit the NewTek online store for further details or contact your NewTek representative.

The need for HDMI and SDI sources to transition to IP video via NDI converters is here now, and will be the norm of the future, so what better product then the introduction of the NewTek Connect Spark. The Connect Spark is a portable device purely designed to deliver video sources to your computer via WiFi or standard Ethernet cabling. Imagine how video gaming and online tournaments can excel with the simplest way to get your gaming console connected to your computer! Compatible with NDI computer based live production systems such as: CombiTech VidBlaster, Livestream Studio, OBS, Splitmedia Labs XSplit, Streamstar®, StudioCoast vMix, Telestream Gameshow, Telestream Wirecast, NewTek TriCaster®, and many more. Additionally, the NewTek Connect Spark delivers video to popular desktop video applications including Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting™, Skype™, Skype for Business, WebEx, Zoom, and others.

“We believe that the future is one in which video is transferred easily and efficiently over IP, making it possible to have vast number of video sources readily available for production said Michael Kornet, Executive Vice President & General Manager of NDI for NewTek. NewTek Connect Spark makes that future a reality today by easily converting HDMI and SDI signals into IP signals. It’s as easy as plugging your video source into the device and turning on a WiFi connection. At that point, any compatible system on the network can see it.”  

The NewTek Connection Spark NCS (HDMI version) and NCS-S (SDI version) provides video conversion up to 1080P 60fps with a loop through and provides tally support, records MP4 to SD card or USB drive. Key feature is that the unit can be controlled via web interface on your phone, tablet, or laptop computer. The NewTek Connection Spark NCS priced at $499 USMSRP and NCS-S priced at $799 USMSRP will be shipping August 1st and orders are being accepted. Visit the NewTek online store for further details or contact your NewTek representative.

Who doesn’t like royalty-free NDI SDK version upgrades that will provide your systems with advanced new features, performance improvements, supporting multicast with forward error correction, and improved encoding? Answer: No one! This royalty-free Network Device Interface version 3 download will be available Q3 2017 and you can download it here:

 “Panasonic is excited to dramatically advance forward our NDI partnership with NewTek by providing our mutual customers a new, innovative and streamlined experience.  With integrating built-in NDI in Panasonic’s line-up of professional integrated PTZ cameras and next generation switcher systems, we are furthering our IP video leadership across a broad spectrum of the video production market,” said Delix Alex, Product Manager, PTZ Cameras & IP Networking Systems for Panasonic Media Entertainment Company. “NDI Version 3 has a bright future as a game-changing technology that moves IP based video production to a new level with camera acquisition technology that can fall right into an NDI network, instantly and with ease.”

 The benefit from the NewTek NDI version 3 SDK upgrade will not only improve protocol but will also enhance products from: BirdDog, Bluefish444, Microsoft Skype, NewBlueFX, OBS, Panasonic, PTZOptics, SplitmediaLabs – XSplit, Broadcast Pix, Ross Video, Telestream Wirecast and Gameshow, vMix, NewTek and many hundreds of others. Note: Version 3 of NDI will be the largest incremental change to the NDI SDK since the successful launch that took place close to two years ago.

Here are just some of the improvements and highlights from version 3.0:

  • Multicast Support with Forwards Error Correction
  • A single NDI source can now serve any number of destinations, limited only by network infrastructure.
  • Multicast now supplements unicast support, enabling the best mode of operation to be implemented as appropriate
  • High Efficiency Mode – NDI|HX
    • Full resolution, full frame-rate video suitable for limited bandwidth wireless, remote, and large scale networks
  • Pan / Tilt / Zoom camera support
    • Standardizes video, audio, tally and camera control, providing the most convenient PTZ control configuration experience imaginable
    • Eliminates the need for separate control devices
  • Improved Encoding Performance
    • Encodes on a modern i7-based machine at rates similar to those listed below:
      • 8K at 320fps, 4K at 1000fps, 1080p at 2500fps
  • Available as an easy-to-use SDK that can be downloaded and integrated into any application

 “NDI version 3 fulfills the vision of the all IP video production that we believe represents the future of the way video transport will be done for production. Our misson has always been to push the envelopes of IP video technology and introducing this version with major new capabilities helps cement that lead,” said Michael Kornet, Executive Vice President & General Manager of NDI for NewTek. “With the broad adoption of NDI by nearly every major vendor in the industry, producers and creators are able to realize the endless creative possibilities and benefits of IP video and with NDI version 3 and the availability of major new technologies like multicast and the introduction of end devices the true IP revolution has become reality.”

About NDI

NDI is in use on millions of devices and allows multiple video systems to identify and communicate with one another over IP. NDI can encode, transmit and receive many streams of high quality, low latency, frame-accurate video and audio in real time. This benefits any network-connected video device, including video mixers, graphics systems, capture cards, and many other production devices. This makes it possible to exponentially increase the number of sources available for live production switching, without directly attaching to devices, changing locations, or investing in expensive, high-bandwidth networks that simply replace SDI-based workflows.

About NewTek

As the leader in IP video technology, NewTek is transforming the way people create network-style television content and share it with the world. From sporting events, Web-based talk shows, live entertainment, classrooms, and corporate communications, to virtually any place people want to capture and publish live video, we give our customers the power to grow their audiences, brands and businesses faster than ever before.

Clients include: New York Giants, NBA Development League, Fox News, BBC, NHL, Nickelodeon, CBS Radio, ESPN Radio, Fox Sports, MTV, TWiT.TV, USA TODAY, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and more than 80% of the U.S. Fortune 100.

NewTek is privately owned and based in San Antonio, Texas. For more information on NewTek please visit:, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr or connect with us on Facebook.


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