NUGEN Audio 2014 NAB Show Preview

At this year’s NAB Show, NUGEN Audio will showcase its complete line of industry-leading solutions for loudness compliance, now available in carefully selected bundles that provide a one-stop solution and deliver a significant discount over individual product pricing. The new and versatile MultiMonitor software for loudness and true-peak monitoring will also be unveiled at the 2014 NAB Show. NUGEN Audio solutions offer a smarter approach to meeting worldwide loudness regulations and raising the quality of broadcast audio.

Loudness Toolkit
NUGEN Audio’s Loudness Toolkit provides everything audio engineers need to produce loudness-normalized audio intuitively that seamlessly integrates into the audio production workflow. The Loudness Toolkit includes:

-VisLM: Visual Loudness Metering Plug-In. With detailed, objective loudness measurement, history and logging facilities, VisLM is an easy-to-use visual loudness monitoring tool that provides an ITU, ATSC, and EBU standard-compliant way to measure, compare, and contrast loudness during production, broadcast, and post-production, on the fly or for entire sections of audio.

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Photo Caption: Visual Loudness Metering

-ISL: Inter-Sample True-Peak Limiter. ISL is an inter-sample true-peak limiter designed for controlling peak levels in audio signals from mono through to 5.1. Unlike traditional approaches to limiting, ISL offers a true brick-wall solution, measuring inter-sample peaks and allowing the user to define the true-peak limit of the audio output (rather than the more traditional threshold control at which limiting begins to take effect).

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Photo Caption: ISL 5.1 True-Peak Limiter

-LM-Correct: Stand-Alone Loudness Tool. NUGEN Audio’s LM-Correct offers automatic, faster-than-real-time loudness analysis and correction. LM-Correct is ideal for rapid, intuitive correction in situations where time is limited, providing an automatic method of rapidly conforming audio to current loudness standards.

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Photo Caption: LM-Correct Audio Suite Plug-In

NEW — MultiMonitor: Loudness and True-Peak Monitoring Software
Making its first NAB Show appearance, MultiMonitor is a powerful new loudness and true-peak monitoring software application. MultiMonitor offers up to 16 individual loudness and true-peak meters in mono, stereo, and 5.1 formats for up to 96 individual audio channels. MultiMonitor is standalone software for Windows(R) or OS X(R) that provides flexible, real-time monitoring in full compliance with CALM, ITU-R BS. 1770, ATSC A/85, EBU R128, and other global loudness regulations and standards.

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Photo Caption: MultiMonitor Loudness and True-Peak Monitoring Software

LMB: Batch Processing Loudness Correction Tool
For high-throughput applications, LMB is an off-line file-based loudness analysis and correction program designed for rapid assessment and correction of files for loudness and true-peak content to ITU-R BS. 1770- and EBU R128-based specifications. With a drag-and-drop interface and/or specific watched folders, LMB saves operator time by automatically handling the process of checking and conforming files to multiple broadcast criteria.

-NEW — LMB MXF Option. NUGEN Audio has launched a new MXF file-handling option for LMB that allows direct analysis of audio within the MXF container. The option introduces native MXF audio-handling that enables LMB to perform automated analysis and correction of audio in an MXF container while preserving all other data within the file. LMB can now analyze and correct OP-Atom and OP-1a operating patterns containing PCM and D10-encoded PCM audio data without first converting the MXF files to WAV format. With the ability to correct and deliver loudness-compliant audio in the original MXF format, the solution saves time and effort.

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Photo Caption: LMB Loudness Analysis and Correction Program

Company Quote:
“Now that loudness standards such as the CALM Act have taken effect, broadcasters are settling into their new reality of having to monitor and manage audio loudness effectively in addition to myriad other production tasks. At NUGEN Audio, we’re dedicated to making loudness management and compliance easy, intuitive, and cost-effective.”
— Jon Schorah, Founder and Creative Director, NUGEN Audio

Company Overview
NUGEN Audio creates innovative, intuitive professional audio tools for high-end broadcasters, post-production engineers, and music producers. Reflecting the real-world production experience of the design team, the company’s products make it easier to deliver better quality, save time, and reduce costs. NUGEN Audio’s tools for audio analysis, loudness metering, mixing/mastering, and tracking are used by the world’s top names in broadcast, music, and audio production. For more information, visit

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