Objective Productions Uses Aframe to Expedite Production of Hit TV Shows

Aframe’s cloud video platform substantially changes Objective’s workflows for the better with “Toast of London” and “King of the Nerds”

Courtesy of Objective Productions/ Channel 4. Photographer Kuba Wieczorek. Toast of London airs Channel 4, Mondays at 10.45pm
Courtesy of Objective Productions/ Channel 4. Photographer Kuba Wieczorek. Toast of London airs Channel 4, Mondays at 10.45pm

Boston and London (PRWEB) December 03, 2014

Objective Productions, one of the UK’s most influential independent production companies, has used Aframe as its cloud video platform for a variety of its ground-breaking productions.

Objective Productions produces cutting edge and innovative shows for a range of television broadcasters including Channel 4, BBC, ITV and Sky amongst others, and has recently used Aframe to expedite production of Channel 4’s “Toast of London,” Sky 1’s forthcoming “King of the Nerds” and also to help manage part of its long running Channel 5 archive series.

Objective Productions first started working with Aframe in 2013 following an event held by All3Media. Looking for a system which could help speed up the post production process, Objective Productions felt Aframe could be of use for a number of the productions it was working on at the time.

Using Aframe for one of the Channel 5 archive shows, Objective Productions found that streamlining the upload and reviewing process was of significant use as there were a variety of people who needed access to the footage across the company and its offices, externals commissioners and broadcast executives.

Aframe helped Objective Productions to implement a process that meant editors and edit producers could upload packages to Aframe themselves, without requiring a post production operations team – thus removing a potential backlog as there could be up to 20 packages to upload in a single day.

Louise Davis, post production manager, Objective Productions, commented:
“The Aframe solution completely transformed the way we approached this project. It made our processes smoother, was able to save us time and meant that the footage could be viewed by the whole team as and when necessary. It became a ‘must have’ for the next batch of archive shows in the series.”

Objective Productions also used Aframe during the production of its award-winning comedy series for Channel 4, “Toast of London,” written by Matt Berry and Arthur Mathews. Aframe was used to upload rushes at the end of each filming day in order for the series director, director of photography and producers to view and review the daily rushes and make comments from wherever they were.

“With ‘Toast of London,’ we needed a seamless process to make sure the whole team had daily access to what was being shot. It also provided the offline editors the ability to upload daily rough cuts so the team on set could review and comment on the filming so far, making the editing process far slicker. We had tried and tested other options and vendors but Aframe’s workflows were much better suited to our needs and proved to be much more cost effective,” said Davis.

More recently Objective Productions has used Aframe during the edit of its Sky 1 series “King of the Nerds.” Based on the hit US format, the series will air on Sky 1 in 2015. As with “Toast of London” Aframe was used to upload daily , enabling the edit producers the ability view and prepare what they were going to edit a week in advance, making the process quicker. Davis comments, “Aframe was a great help during the production of “King of the Nerds” as it made it possible for proxy files of the rushes to be uploaded directly from location by the data wrangler and made available for the relevant teams to review.

“Overall Aframe has helped us to reform the way we manage the post production processes and has substantially changed our workflows for the better. The workflow is more efficient and transparent and on top of that the cost for the service they provide is exceptionally good. I really enjoy working with Aframe and their internal teams and look forward to using them on many more projects moving forward.”

About Aframe
Aframe is a cloud video production system with capabilities in collaboration, review and approval, archive and tagging. Already many thousands of video professionals around the world rely on Aframe to organize and streamline video production or as an adjunct to existing media asset management (MAM) solutions. Aframe users upload their raw video footage from wherever they are in the world onto Aframe’s cloud, securely store it there, and share it with anyone, anywhere as they collaborate on TV, film, corporate video or advertising spots. The timecode-specific metadata that Aframe users generate can be transferred directly from the cloud into any of the top 3 NLE platforms. Once there, the metadata relinks with the original media – retaining all user changes automatically. If desired Aframe can provide logging services that makes video discoverable and expedite finding the perfect clip.

Aframe also can serve as a cloud-based MAM architecture to centralize a library of production and broadcast-ready video assets and supporting documentation. For more information visit


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