Off The Fence Reveals Premium Slate of History Shows

Leading non-fiction content company Off The Fence continues to expand its range of historical content – from biographies to event history, colourised archives, and ancient civilisation.

Off The Fence has recently acquired a selection of shows from the hugely popular History/Science hybrid genre, which look at new science to retell stories from the past. It has also added more classical history shows to its content library, covering fascinating historical events from the forgotten frontlines of WWII to the rise and fall of royal families across the globe.

Head of Acquisitions Loren Baxter said: “Our History slate is one of our strongest to date, launching shows from a variety of talented producers including Impossible Factual, WMR, Tile Films, Wildbear Entertainment and Go Button Media.”

Below is a slate of Off The Fence’s latest history shows.

Royals: Keeping the Crown

Royals: Keeping the Crown follows the rise, fall, and rebranding of royal families across the globe from the First World War to the present day. From the murder of the Romanov family in 1918 to Prince Harry’s marriage to the American actress Meghan Markle in 2018. This six-part series produced by WMR for CuriosityStream and colourised by esteemed French outfit Composite Films (America in Colour) assesses the impact of world wars, communism, commerce, the tabloid press and the cult of celebrity on royalty over the last 100 years.

The Secrets to Civilisation

The Secrets to Civilisation is a groundbreaking Science/History series. Feeding from the recent explosion in data about our planet’s past, these three episodes set out to offer a completely fresh, eye-opening perspective on the ancient world from the Bronze Age to the fall of Rome. Using state of the art CGI to recreate environments such as forests, shorelines and cities, The Secrets to Civilisation investigates key turning points in history, using characters such as Cleopatra and Ramses III to further understand how certain forces including the climate lent civilisations a helping hand – or at least played a role in their extinction.

Forgotten Frontlines

Launching at the end of the year, Go Button Media’s new six part series Forgotten Frontlines (W/T) takes us through the lesser known stories of World War II, with insightful tales that give us a better understanding as to how these events impacted the overall war effort as we know it.

Viking Empires 

Viking Empires produced by Tile Films for RTE is a two-part series offering exciting new perspectives on what we once knew about Vikings. Filmed in UHD the series takes us to Norway, UK and Iceland as we explore the activities of these medieval warriors and traders to explore their surprising relevance in modern society.

Hell on Earth 

Hell on Earth is an eight part colourised series by Wildbear Entertainment, which tells the story of The Second World War, starting with Japan’s invasion of China two years earlier. The series features insights and opinions from noted authorities in the fields of military history, political history, social history and well-known general historians of the war.

As It Happened 

As It Happened is a six-part series produced by Wildbear Entertainment, which pulls back the curtain on some of the most shocking, notorious and captivating news stories of the past century – from  the media frenzy of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping to the televised capture and trial of OJ Simpson, the war in Iraq and the death of Princess Diana.

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