Off the Fence unveils exciting line-up of programs ahead of MIPCOM

Ahead of MIPCOM, BAFTA and Oscar-winning non-fiction content company Off the Fence, is announcing an exciting line-up of high quality programs across its core content pillars of Yesterday (History) Today (focusing on our relationship with ourselves and the planet: Natural History, Travel and Adventure, Lifestyle, Crime, Impact) and Tomorrow (Science).

With offices in Amsterdam, London, Bristol and Toronto, and unparalleled access to places and talent, Off the Fence offers a catalogue of over 6,000 hours of diverse programs.

Managing Director of Sales at Off the Fence Stefanie Fischer said: “We continue to offer our clients a diverse mix of unscripted programs across our content pillars of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, from a wide variety of production companies around the world with a key focus on unique access, high quality production values, impact and positive narratives.”

Below is a slate of Off the Fence’s latest and upcoming short and long-form documentaries and shows.


Royals: Keeping the Crown 

Royals: Keeping the Crown is a six part series, which uses expertly colourised archive, following the rise, fall, and rebranding of royal families across the globe from the First World War to the present day – from the murder of the Romanov family in 1918 to Prince Harry’s marriage to the American actress Meghan Markle in 2018.

The Secrets to Civilisation

Using state of the art CGI and ground-breaking new science, The Secrets to Civilisation is a groundbreaking Science/History three-part series offering a completely fresh, eye-opening perspective on the ancient world from the Bronze Age to the fall of Rome.


Eyes of the Orangutan 

Presented by environmental photojournalist Aaron Gekoski, and produced by our exclusive partner Terra Mater Factual Studios, Eyes of the Orangutan investigates the dark heart of the wildlife tourism industry. Filmed over four years, we discover the part the Orangutan’s play in this multi billion dollar industry.

Wolverine: One Tough Mother

Produced by Terra Mater Factual Studios and Red Rock Films International, Wolverine: One Tough Mother gives viewers an immersive look into the life of one of the world’s most fabled and iconic species – the Wolverine. The documentary is being produced for Smithsonian Channel and has been pre-sold to a wide range of networks including ARTE, NRK and NHK.

The Stork Army: Women Fighting for the Hargila

Produced by Gruppe 5, The Stork Army: Women Fighting for the Hargila tells the story of a group of women In South East Asia who are fighting for the protection of an endangered species – the Greater Adjutant Stork, known locally as the Hargila.

Lions Bones and Bullets

Lions Bones and Bullets is Jagged Peak Films’ new feature documentary. Penguin Random House author Richard Peirce investigates the shocking lion farm trade in South Africa and sets out to explore what’s currently being done to stop it.

Voices of Earth

Voices of Earth is a six-episode limited series, shining the spotlight on thirteen individuals who have managed to preserve an ancestral pact of coexistence with the wilds of nature. Shot in lavish 4K by Old Port Films and Gariza Films, this unique access series takes us across the globe, to witness how these cultures and tribes live amongst nature

Youth Unstoppable

Youth Unstoppable is WaterBear’s first original feature documentary. Directed and narrated by Canadian filmmaker and climate activist Slater Jewell-Kember, the documentary tells the story of the youth climate movement from the beginning.

Italy made with Love

With exclusive access to film Italy like never before, Italy made with Love, shines a light on Italy’s most talented artisans who continue producing their art – from glass blowing in Venice, olive oil making in Tuscany, silk spinning in Como, and the culinary traditions of Emilia Romagna.

Fantastic Friends

Produced by Dash Pictures, Fantastic Friends follows James and Oliver Phelps, the mischievous but loveable Weasley twins from the Harry Potter franchise, on a worldwide adventure as they meet spellbinding guests, explore enchanting cities and take on phenomenal challenges.

Brat Loves Judy

Brat Loves Judy is WE tv’s newest reality series, following the relationship of rapper Da Brat and her multimillionaire CEO girlfriend, Jesseca “Judy” Dupart.


The Alternative Guide to Saving the Planet

Produced by Infield Fly Productions and commissioned by CBC Nature of Things, The Alternative Guide to Saving the Planet, hosted and narrated by an award-winning Hollywood actor (TBA), unveils some of the most bizarre and unexpected ways we can cut hundreds of billions of tonnes of greenhouse gas and help save the planet.

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