Open Services Alliance for Media Launches

The media organizations worldwide that form the alliance will focus on enabling improved open interoperability among service-based applications.


Microservices-based solutions for the media industry hold great promise for end users and vendors

alike. Assembling custom solutions from off-the-shelf services promises a wide range of benefits.

However, the reality of today’s deployments is that it’s not quite as simple as it sounds. Over the past

decades, monolithic systems with comprehensive (and complex) APIs connecting them have served the

media ecosystem reasonably well. With relatively few systems connected by a small set of APIs, the

integration of these systems was manageable despite its complexity.


The move toward cloud-based solutions has brought with it microservices, and the promise of agility,

flexibility, and best of breed solutions. Like all promised panaceas, the devil is in the details. Because

microservices solutions involve a large number of individual services, the explosion in the number of

service connection points results in real challenges when it comes time to making them all work

together seamlessly.


The Open Services Alliance for Media is comprised of media industry organizations worldwide and is

focused on enabling improved open interoperability among service-based applications. We see this as

critical with media systems now being hosted on cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid (cloud & on-premises) and

on-premise only platforms. Its work will support establishment of standards, best practices, registers,

industry awareness and education, and any other tools at our disposal to foster cross-platform and

cross-application interoperability and ease of integration.


The Alliance is comprised of vendors, platform providers, and media organizations (the end users) from

around the world. Following a successful set of meetings in New York and Washington DC, the Alliance

has selected three pilot projects to be its initial focus. These came from the process of evaluating dozens

of candidate projects submitted by members with respect to their impact on the industry, ease of

development, and support from proponents and Alliance members. Those three pilot projects are

expected to focus on IMF-related services, standardized logging/status reporting from services, and realtime



With these projects, as well as future initiatives, the Alliance’s role will be to agree on priorities,

assemble expert teams, and draft initial documents and designs. The Alliance will partner with SMPTE

(Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) to then feed these documents into SMPTE’s 34CS

Drafting Group on Media Microservices Overall Architecture for publication as standards, specifications

or registered entities as appropriate.


In the spirit of agility, the Alliance plans to multithread its initiatives where possible, and focus on rapid

development of its outputs. For more information on the Open Services Alliance for Media, please refer

to (coming soon), or contact [email protected] for more

information. To join the SMPTE 34CS Drafting Group mentioned above, please see or




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