OPTAGE launches next-generation Android TV and Netflix services with AminoOS and Amino Engage powered Amigo 7X

Amino’s fully Android TV and Netflix Hailstorm-certified Amigo 7X enables OPTAGE to deliver compelling OTT experiences faster and simpler

Cambridge, UK and Kansai, Japan – May 25 2021 – Amino, the global media and entertainment technology solutions provider, announces that it is enabling OPTAGE, the leading Japanese telecommunications, cable TV, and FTTH broadband connectivity operator in the Kansai region, to launch modern Android TV and Netflix OTT services.

Android TV enables OPTAGE to integrate streaming apps and deliver video services that provide richer experiences and a next-generation UI. Amino combines the AminoOS powered Amigo 7X with Amino Engage to deliver and manage all the Android TV features OPTAGE needs. Adding to its strong heritage in cable TV, OPTAGE leveraged Amino’s Amigo 7X to allow its subscribers to benefit from Netflix and the Google Play Store apps, including YouTube, while keeping the consumers within its OPTAGE branded Android TV Operator Tier environment.

As a Netflix Hailstorm partner, Amino guarantees an optimal experience to OPTAGE customers using Netflix, enhancing the consumer experience while minimizing integration efforts and time-to-market. In addition, Amino manages the Android TV certification of the device and platform through incorporating all the necessary delivery protocols, players, and more. By driving both Android TV and Netflix certifications, Amino supports OPTAGE throughout the entire project life cycle and minimizes time-to-market.

“We are delighted to be supporting OPTAGE in launching next-generation OTT experiences for its customers. Our Amigo 7X isn’t just running the most powerful middleware and management suite on the market but is also fully certified by Google and Netflix Hailstorm,” said Amino CEO, Donald McGarva. “This means that operators like OPTAGE can make cutting-edge TV services accessible to their customers faster, unlocking new opportunities. We’re excited to be helping OPTAGE drive the modernization of TV in Japan.”

The Amino solutions portfolio includes:

AminoOS: Built on over 20 years of focused IP entertainment delivery excellence, AminoOS is device middleware that supports Android TV devices and has integrations to a broad and deep industry ecosystem. This ‘operator ready’ solution provides an extended, enhanced, and fully certified version of Android TV that is fully compatible with operators’ infrastructure and networks

Amigo 7X: Android TV Operator Tier certified Ultra-HD client TV device, with tuner options, delivering exciting OTT content with an exceptional user experience.

Amino Engage: A SaaS management solution providing a suite of management tools that efficiently manage and proactively support deployed Android TV devices and apps to improve quality of service and experience. This enables operators to improve the quality of service and customer experience while keeping consumers within the operator-managed Android TV Operator Tier experience.

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