Osprey Video Named One of the Best in Video Streaming


Osprey Video has recently been named one of the top 100 best companies in the video streaming industry by Streaming Media Magazine. It is the third straight year that Osprey Video has been so honored as the company continues to be on the cutting edge of the ever evolving video streaming industry.

Regarding being named one of the top video streaming companies in the world for the third year in a row, Osprey Video CEO, Roger Bieri, stated that, “Our focus over the last year has been to keep our finger on the pulse of our current customers to ensure we’re supporting current product rollouts, design needs, and, ultimately, the needs of our customer base. But, even more so than ever, we’ve ramped up our product development to ensure that the next 12 months will position Osprey Video as a leader in, not only capture cards, but hardware encoders and other important tools in the streaming workflow.”

Osprey’s Shelby Smith chats with Broadcast Beat Magazine founder Ryan Salazar about the history of the company as well as its future vision…

Osprey Video has continued to set the standard for more than 20 years in the video streaming and video capture markets. With over one million capture cards sold in that time, their customers know that their products deliver top level reliability and state of the art quality.

Osprey Video products have no moving parts and all components are manufactured on site in the United States of America. Their products can come with conformal coding and quick turn phototyping. In addition, the company has live support and that includes their global network of support and distribution.

The Talon G1 Hardware Encoder was just one of the visionary products that was released by Osprey Video in 2016…

In keeping with their global leader status, Osprey Video launched several new products this year including the industry award winning Talon G1 Hardware Encoder. Among other new and notable launches were their groundbreaking 12G and 4K switchers and amplifiers.

For Osprey Video, they know that live streaming is critical to maintaining a global presence for all companies. As the industry, and its demands continues to evolve and change, Osprey Video will continue to lead this evolution with new products that will exceed what customers will be demanding for future performance.

“In 2016,” said Bieri, “we set the stage for our continued growth and product development and we’re excited to keep the momentum going in 2017.”

-Written by Kevin Sawyer

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