OTT provider Stream Viral Opens up Sales Channels to Resellers

Stream Viral has announced the availability of its sports-based OTT services to new resellers who can now sell their services, alongside their own broadcast sporting solutions, to their end user customers.

Stream Viral has been earning a global reputation in the implementation of
custom live streaming services specifically for the sport industry for broadcasters, sport leagues, media right holders and content producers. Founded in London in 2020, with a direct sales model, the company has outstripped its own growth expectations and has been quickly expanding its operation.

As the company enjoys growth, they have announced a new sales strategy to enable resellers, partners, and system integrators to benefit from their success for mutual gain.

Chema Fernandez Diaz, co-founder and Chief Sales Officer at Stream Viral explains “Many successful companies have built an ecosystem of partners around them which has been critical for their success. We are building an ecosystem where we wish to attract some of the best resellers and system integrators who wish to offer OTT services as part of their own end-to-end services, from capture to playout. Our OTT offering at the playout end is one of the most versatile, seamless and cost-effective global playout solutions available that can be customized to meet many of the needs of different sports customers.”

SportsViral growth is attributed to many factors included reliability, performance, and the speed it can spin up a new sports channel within an online cloud environment. But also with a revenue share model offering, it means customers no longer need to commit to a massive capex expenditure at the beginning of the project and allows end users and resellers an assured incremental revenue income. For many partners, a guaranteed revenue income every month is a major comfort to the balance sheet.

Diaz concludes “We are looking for like-minded broadcast professionals with a pedigree in implementing live sports from anywhere in the world. We recognize our success is dependent on their success, so we want to build a trusted partner network with the ultimate aim of being the most respected white labeled OTT sports platform in the world.”

Any sports reseller partners interested in collaborating with Stream Viral as a sales partner should contact Stream Viral directly.

About Stream Viral: Stream Viral offers the most comprehensive over-the-top (OTT)-As-A-Service video-streaming platform for sports leagues, media right holders and federations wishing to monetize and broadcast their content. Stream Viral’s end-to-end white-label solutions incorporates content ingest for live streaming, video-on-demand (VOD), encoding, content and user management, content protection and delivery. The platform can be customized for branded apps. and is built on powerful media manager modules, which provides unrivalled flexibility and power across the entire delivery workflow. Contact Stream Viral at or visit their website at

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