OWNZONES Presents Latest Content Workflow Technologies to Online Audience

Webinar includes demonstration of Connect SaaS platform that re-imagines the video supply chain in the cloud

 OWNZONES Entertainment Technologies will present its latest products and technologies in a global webinar, taking place on April 7th, 2020 at 9:15am PST. The cloud pioneer will highlight the latest developments within OWNZONES Connect™, the next-gen content servicing and supply chain platform; FrameDNA™, the AI-driven content library consolidation tool within Connect; and OWNZONES Discover, a customizable B2B content sales platform.

“With the understandable cancellation of NAB 2020, we want to give our customers, partners and industry professionals around the world the opportunity to find out about the latest developments in our cloud-based workflow technology, even if we can’t meet them in person,” said Dan Goman, CEO of OWNZONES. “We’re excited to discuss how our solutions enable organizations to handle the skyrocketing demand for content with fast, cost-effective and secure delivery.”

Attendees will learn about Connect, the first cloud-based solution to support SMPTE IMF and ACES workflows. Connect was designed natively in the cloud to join the fragmented pieces of many post-production workflows by replacing multiple vendors, non-compatible formats and expensive data servers. The largest movie studio or smallest indie network can easily connect with their audiences by rapidly processing and delivering content in any format to any platform. Through this platform, users can transcode video content up to 35 times faster while reducing costs up to 90 percent.

OWNZONES will also showcase two new content scanning technologies, FrameDNA and Deep Analysis, which can fit into users’ workflows either as separate tools or complementary pieces.

FrameDNA uses AI technology to make frame-by-frame comparisons between multiple files, eliminating redundancies, reducing storage footprints by 73% and creating versions five times faster than traditional localization and conformance workflows. This content library tool scans millions of hours of content in hours to deduplicate and consolidate content, prepares localized versions simultaneously with the click of a button, converts 100,000 on-prem flat files into 10,000 cloud-based IMF packages for distribution in any format. As a result, FrameDNA monetizes and future-proofs content through efficient archival and delivery logistics.

Deep Analysis lets users scan their content to better understand its layout and formatting, locating scene changes, color bars, blacks, texted scenes and essences without having to watch it in real time. This information is presented in an easy-to-understand graphic interface and producers can save scanned content to reuse in future projects.

The OWNZONES team will also discuss Discover, its cloud-based B2B sales platform that offers everything content companies need to impress buyers, licensors, and reviewers. Discover’s seamless integration with Connect facilitates the instantaneous fulfillment of avails, connecting sales and operations teams to streamline delivery workflows. Originally built as a B2C white-label OTT platform, a focus on delivering a premium user experience with a rich CMS was the driving force throughout the development of Discover and is what now sets it apart from others on the market.

The webinar takes place on April 7th, 2020 at 9:15am PST. Attendees can register to attend the free webinar by emailing [email protected]

In addition to the webinar, OWNZONES CTO Aaron Sloman will participate in the IMF 101 Tutorial Session hosted by the IMF User Group. Sloman will demonstrate how OWNZONES Connect leverages IMF (Interoperable Master Format) to simplify content mastering, QC, management, versioning, and delivery workflows. The session will take place online on April 22nd, 2020 at 9am – 11am PST. Attendees can register for free here (space is limited).

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