Panasonic Connect Enhances KAIROS Live Production Platform and Expands PTZ Camera/Switcher Line-Ups at NAB

Panasonic Connect announced the expansion of KAIROS, its live video production platform, to incorporate new cloud-based operation along with hardware and software updates. The company also announced expansion of its PTZ camera and switcher product line.

The company said studios around the world are turning to cloud-based technology for its potential to deliver dynamic productions in a more efficient way. As announced a year ago, it has been working with industry partners on cloud technologies.

Panasonic Connect recently teamed up with longtime partner, LiveX, to develop Global Live Control Room. It combines the capabilities of Panasonic’s KAIROS and LiveX’s Virtual Video Control Room (VVCR). The combined technologies offer a turn-key, hybrid system that allows productions to route all cloud applications to VVCR and all on-premise gear to KAIROS.

Panasonic Connect has also partnered with Singular Live, Videon, Scoreboard OCR and Telos Infinity VIP. Through these partnerships, the Global Live Control Room will include switching, ISO recording, intercom, playback and graphics.

Michael Bergeron, Sr. Category Manager for Advanced Video Technology at Panasonic Connect, said KAIROS users will be able to do hybrid productions both on-premises and in the cloud. “They’ll have the ability to spin up other services like graphics and everything by attaching them to the cloud,” he said. “At NAB, we’ll be showing the full cloud implementation of KAIROS.”

Bergeron said KAIROS is experiencing huge growth in the OTT area and with expanding sports coverage. The first year of KAIROS we targeted baseband systems, Bergeron said. “Now we are growing the system to encompass (SMPTE) ST2110 users. We’re now showing glass-to-glass-to-glass systems because it all fiber. From out of the camera into the network.”

Also at NAB, Panasonic Connect will announce the new KAIROS Touch Control Panel (TCP). The panel can be implemented with a touch-panel PC to enable control from a multi-viewer to be used for switching, macro, scene selection, clip playback and other operations in the KAIROS system.

Multiple remote or on-premise operation of the TCP can be used simultaneously to control the same KAIROS Core, so producers can add a KAIROS control surface anywhere they can place a touch screen PC.

The software for the Touch Control Panel can be installed on a windows PC with a $500 license activation. It will be available for the KC200 in June 2023 and later in the year for the KC100, KC1000 and KC2000.

The KC2000 will also support 200 Gbps of ST 2110 connectivity via a pair of QSFP network connections. Output capacity will expand with ten independent 4K outputs and four multi-viewer outputs, each with UHD resolution.

The KC2000 will become the new flagship core mainframe of the KAIROS lineup. It offers connectivity, high network capacity and flexibility. It will be available in June, 2023 at $69,000 and the KC2000 will be available in late summer 2023 at $115,000. Full input and output capacity achieved via software will be released in fall, 2023.

Also, at NAB, the company launched its AW-UR100 Outdoor PTZ camera and AV-HSW10 compact switcher. It also announced built-in auto tracking updates to its Premium Series PTZ camera lineup.

The AW-UR100 Outdoor PTZ Camera allows operation in challenging outdoor environments. It builds on the AW-HR140, a camera known for its durability in outdoor environments, and will eventually replace the AW-HR140 in the PTZ lineup later this year.

Jim Jensen, executive with PTZ and remote systems, said the need for PTZ cameras is exploding. One reason is ruggedized cameras for all kinds of bad weather conditions, even hurricanes. We are also seeing more IP workflows and a demand for fiber connectivity.

Key features of the AW-UR100 include an IP65 rating, along with a wiper, heater, defroster, enhanced stabilization and the ability to mount it upright or upside down for versatile installation options. The camera also features a fully auto mode.

It also includes a newly designed 4K imager that allows crisp, clear content even in the harshest conditions. It has a compact size that offers SRT, fiber connectivity and 4K streaming.

The IP65 rating distinguishes the AW-UR100 with its salt resistant coating. The camera uses advanced technology for superior vibration and stabilization, as well as wind pressure resistance. These features are a direct response to customer demand for a camera that can stand up to the rigors of extreme weather without compromise.

An integrated 4K/60P camera, the AW-UR100 offers enhanced picture quality with a newly developed 4K sensor and strong optical zoom of 24x, ensuring high resolution even when iZoom is utilized.

To capture the full length of a sports playing field, the camera’s increased 74.1 degree field of view will be helpful. The new camera supports workflow flexibility with IP protocols, including SRT, NDI and NDI|HX2 for secure 4K streaming even over a public network.

It also supports fiber connectivity and new workflows such as AR/VR/XR productions with FreeD built in. The new camera is expected to be available in early September.

The Premium Series of PTZ cameras, which includes the AW-UE40, AW-UE50 and AW-UE80, now features built-in auto-tracking. This built-in auto-tracking uses body detection technology. Lectures and meetings are easier to run, allowing content to be more engaging without the distraction of technological complications or additional staff.

The AV-HSW10 Compact Switcher is portable and easy to learn. It can also be used by staging professionals and production crews in smaller corporate venues where easily movable gear is needed for livestreams. It bridges the gap between a baseband and IP workflow with 10 bit processing.

“We were able to keep it ruggedized and compact for corporate events or rental and staging where livestreaming is popular,” said Jenson. “The streaming output allows users to go directly to Facebook or YouTube live.”

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