Panasonic Unveils Third-Generation VariCam HS with 1080P High-Speed/Variable Frame Rate AVC-ULTRA Recording to 240FPS

AVC-Ultra Provides 12-bit 4:4:4 Acquisition Capabilities for Critical Field Mastering and Archiving, And Efficient 4:2:2 10-Bit Recordings For Documentaries and Sports; Innovative Modular Design Allows Cameras to Dock with Common AVC-ULTRA Based Recording Module
(Newark, New Jersey–February 27, 2014) Panasonic today announced a third-generation VariCam® camera, the VariCam HS, that incorporates the company’s AVC-ULTRA family of video codecs and high speed 1080p image capture of up to 240fps to produce extraordinary high-definition imagery for the most demanding documentary, sports or SFX slow-motion applications.

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