PBT EU launched new Timed-Text hybrid platform NEXT-TT at IBC2018

 – Timed-Text hybrid platform NEXT-TT at IBC2018 now featuring in Berlin at The Languages & The Media 2018 Conference – 

Demonstrations at IBC also featured EXEcutor™ Media Integrator – 


At IBC 2018, PBT EU successfully launched its new Timed-Text hybrid platform NEXT-TT powered by Profuz Digital, providing users greater freedom of choice in how they work with desktop or cloud applications. PBT EU also introduced at IBC, innovative developments in its own brand EXEcutor™ Media Integrator module which continues to expand capabilities offering scalable and robust infrastructure to meet the needs that broadcasters, on demand video, and OTT content providers require.

The NEXT-TT solution is made up of of two distinct elements that work together as a unified platform: LAPIS (Limitless Advanced Powerful and Intelligent System) with timed-text subtitling software application SubtitleNEXT. The fusion has resulted in new capabilities that enable fast and reliable high quality timed-text management, dubbing and localisation toolsets that equip translators, AV professionals, and creative freelancers to work more efficiently.


NEXT-TT has already attracted the attention of leading Hollywood studios and quickly gaining a reputation as a gamechanger in subtitling. SubtitleNEXT and LAPIS can also be used separately bringing the best of both worlds to subtitlers.  (


The module-based EXEcutor™ Media Integrator introduced three new levels this year at IBC. The system serves as an essential addition to “Channel-In-A-Box” bundles, making it future-ready and adaptable for all production environments. It is a future-facing technology that evolves and scales with growing requirements without losing data or history and hosts dedicated tools for CRM and project management. The EXEcutor™ brand of products has been enhanced by the EXEcutor™ Media Integrator, plus the premiere of several new server models. PBT EU’s services can be tailor-made to create the best results to suit each individual case. (


Regular news about PBT EU appeared in The IBC Daily and PBT EU’s GM, Vladimir Stanic was interviewed on IABM TV news at the show (view the interview here courtesy of IABM TV (PBT EU news in The IBC Daily can be viewed here where PBT EU featured in the Friday show issue on Pg. 91 The IBC Daily’s Sunday 16 September show issue featured the Q&A with PBT EU’s Sales Director Alexander Stoyanov on Pg. 54 and Pg. 81 includes an article about PBT EU’s Channel in a Box capabilities


“We are delighted to report a highly successful IBC show with our Hall 9 pod constantly busy attracting a steady flow of visitors. Following what has been one of the most productive IBC shows for us, we are now gearing up for our next key European event. The NEXT-TT hybrid platform certainly proved a hit in Amsterdam and now it will be seen in Berlin at The Languages & The Media 2018 Conference.” Sales Director of PBT EU Alexander Stoyanov confirmed.

PBT EU is supporting The Languages & The Media 2018 Conference in Berlin which kicks off this week from 3 – 5 October with its flagship platform NEXT-TT logo proudly displayed as official Silver Sponsor product of the show, alongside big-brand name sponsors such as STAR, Netflix, Deluxe and VSI. This year marks the 12th international conference on language transfer in AV media. Major themes at the conference include new distribution models, language tools, interlingual transfer, accessibility, the future of work and quality standards. Considered “the fourth Industrial Revolution reshaping languages in the media”, this dynamic conference will examine crucial challenges and the way in which cutting-edge technologies like SubtitleNEXT are changing how AV media is delivered globally and how it’s consumed across languages.

The conference will be accompanied by an exhibition, whereby international solutions providers will showcase a range of innovative products and services. As part of the lecture agenda, PBT EU representative Vladimir Stanic will present on the new web-based hybrid platform NEXT-TT which gives operators the best of both worlds with desktop and Cloud compatibility as showcased at IBC.



Kamen Ferdinandov, CTO of PBT EU, present at the upcoming event remarked, “We are at a historic turning point and it is imperative to discuss the implications of how new solutions are making languages more accessible and affecting communications across cultures through media. This will certainly be a fascinating topic threading throughout the 3-day period. We have embraced these changes  ahead of time and very excited to present the adaptable capabilities that SubtitleNEXT already offers to help solve the challenges facing subtitlers today in a market that demands constant content at a rapid pace.”

SubtitleNEXT is a user-friendly, innovative, customisable, intuitive and affordable timed-text software platform. Already adopted across various multimedia industries, it is designed for personal and professional use. It easily adapts to any settings, resolutions, and formats such as AR, MR, VR, 8K, 4K, 2K, HD, SD, 3D, UHD across online video, TV, film, theatre, concerts, festivals, conferences and events. It can be applied throughout the entire video production process from concept to distribution.


Visit the “home of subtitlers” and find out about the NEXTclub of aspiring subtitlers and a growing SubtitleNEXT community sharing tips and tricks, where members can contribute to forums and have access to key industry insights.

Contact to find out more about The Languages & The Media 2018



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