PBT EU launches innovative SubtitleNEXT Central and EXEcutor™ Media Integrator solutions at IBC2017

PlayBox Technology EU launches innovative SubtitleNEXT Central and EXEcutor Media Integrator solutions at IBC2017 to reinforce enterprise efficiency

PBT EU’s Powerful Range of Solutions Creates Dynamic Broadcast Production Workflows

IBC Stand A10, Hall 1, IBC Show, The RAI, Amsterdam, 15 – 19 September 2017



Global systems integration specialists PlayBox Technology EU (PBT EU) reinforces its position at IBC2017 (Stand A.10), by demonstrating a broad range of exciting new products and solutions – the EXEcutor™ Media Integrator, the EXEcutor™ Sync Master and the SubtitleNEXT Central application suite. Real-world user case studies and customer workflows will be available on the booth for visitors to observe and try out for themselves.


Manufactured by PBT EU and meticulously verified to meet industry standards, the wide range of new product lines caters for all industries and organisations across the spectrum including broadcasters, content providers, telecoms, production, and post-production companies.


EXEcutor™ Broadcast Server line provides everything a broadcaster needs


This IBC, PBT EU’s EXEcutor™ Media Integrator module will be on show for the first time, which serves as an essential addition to the “Channel-In-A-Box” bundle, making it future-ready and highly adaptable for all production environments. The module expands the “Channel-In-A-Box” concept beyond the traditional channel origination, over to the production and asset control environment, therefore making it much more accessible, and only one mouse-click away.

Furthermore, significant functionalities have enhanced the intuitive EXEcutor™ Virtual Control Panel (EVCP), also on show, as part of the advanced EXEcutor™ broadcast server line that was launched at IBC last year, which has already been adopted by many companies including award-winning teleport STN.

Also launching for the first time this IBC is PBT EU’s EXEcutor™ Sync Master – the specialised hardware-independent software tool employed to powerfully connect and synchronise video materials to a variety of external software and hardware devices that are traditionally implemented in professional sound design, including music, entertainment, audio and video production, events management, multimedia production and post-production. User-friendly and easy to install, it is designed to save audio professionals a great deal of time, and to vigilantly protect content owners’ copyrights. The EXEcutor™ Sync Master can also be used as a standalone application or as part of the “LAPIS for Media” solution and can work as a “slave” or connecting video player to link to professional audio systems such as Avid Pro Tools and Sony Vegas. It can also masterfully coordinate various video materials between them, allowing easy management of numerous videos on single or multiple screens. It also has the unique capability to play locally available video files, as well as those from third party desktop or web-based asset and content management systems, including online and encrypted videos, consequently, eliminating the tedious task of having to download them first.


Revolutionary multilingual captioning SubtitleNEXT Central supports real time capabilities

SubtitleNEXT is PBT EU’s advanced captioning subtitling product family of toolsets with a remarkable scope of modules, applications and hardware that supports all timed text-related scenarios from creation to distribution. The product line includes several software licensing options, ranging from entry level SubtitleNEXT Novice to Еxplorer, Spark, Spin and Live Options, Subtitle Export for cinema (digital, 35mm), SubtitleNEXT Air through to SubtitleNEXT Expert, with the latest brand-new ground-breaking SubtitleNEXT Central to be launched this IBC. SubtitleNEXT Central is effectively the heartbeat of an end to end subtitle workflow, and is an exceptional development with multichannel, multilingual captioning and subtitling modules that flaunt advanced subtitle workflow capabilities with the tremendous capacity to support universal subtitle format transcoding and real time live content. SubtitleNEXT Central is specifically designed for real time automatic subtitle processing and output in different standards and protocols, manipulating different offline file formats, as well as real time protocols and standards as key sources that are linked to several programme sources at the same time.


LAPIS – reliable data management solution that radically centralises processes effortlessly

Profuz Digital’s LAPIS features again on PBT EU’s stand – an ingenious solution that ultimately gives users more time to concentrate on being creative and not getting bogged down with processes. It is a fully comprehensive web-based information management system designed to centralise processes and data under one roof. It prepares, ingests, converts, encrypts, and watermarks materials automatically to be used for literally everything related to data-processing, as well as localisation, translation, editing, dubbing, voice-over and subtitling, into one single environment.


PBT EU’s world-class production workflows and playout


Compelling production workflow demonstrations will take place on the PBT EU stand at IBC revealing how PBT EU’s solutions work in real-life environments, such as at Doli Media Studio, one of Europe’s largest audio post-production companies. The recent installation of PBT EU’s Executor™ Sync Master, along with LAPIS and SubtitleNEXT at Doli Media Studio displays a highly efficient and pioneering creative sound production pipeline across the entire facility, and visitors to the stand can find out more about this innovative project.

PBT EU’s GM, Vladimir Stanic remarks, “We have the expertise and are completely dedicated to delivering sound future-proof technology that’s accommodating to meet customers’ technical, creative and practical needs, that also remains relevant and grows with them. We are customer-obsessed and driven to provide solutions that are designed to simplify a professional’s life and not make it more complicated. Our services can be tailor-made to create the best results to suit each individual case. We welcome visitors to the show to come and see us and we look forward to providing solutions that defeat their challenges.”


Alexander Stoyanov, PBT EU’s Sales Director comments, “It’s a dynamic time in the industry and we are passionate about finding the perfect solution for our customers. We welcome them with great excitement to the PBT EU stand, to share our progress and listen to them and the challenges they are up against. From the classic “TV Channel-in-a-Box”, a part of our rising star EXEcutor™ Server line, to the latest releases of the EXEcutor™ Sync Master, SubtitleNEXT Central, EVCP and LAPIS, our clients can discover an extensive range of versatile tools that are vital in creating a custom-built platform that meets individual specific needs.”

Other PBT EU technology partners co-exhibiting at the booth this year include Bulgaria’s largest telecommunications specialists Vivacom.


Meet the team at PBTEU’s Stand 1. A10 and find out more about how PBT EU designs flawless solutions that empower broadcast production professionals to work more efficiently at the forefront of digital environments.


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Media Information

About PlayBox Technology EU (PBT EU)

What they do – PBTEU develops and provides performance-leading solutions and customisable engineering system integration to empower content providers, broadcast, production, and post-production professionals to operate efficiently at the forefront of an ever-evolving digital environment.

Who they are & Product Line – PBTEU’s primary focus is flexibility, futureproof customer-driven product innovation, fast deployment, teamwork, perseverance, openness, speed, high quality work, as well as dedicated support of its products, solutions and services, which include – PlayBox Technology Neo product suite, EXEcutor™ broadcast servers and software applications, advanced captioning and subtitling software platform SubtitleNEXT, as well as Profuz Digital’s powerful business process and information management system LAPIS designed to efficiently centralise processes and data all under one roof.

A Global Company –  PBTEU collaborates with worldwide renowned technology partners across distribution and system integration projects. Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria with a global outreach including centres outside of the country where sales, support, manufacturing, and R&D operations take place.

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PBT EU’s Product Line

About EXEcutor™ Servers Incorporating everything a broadcaster needs

PBT EU made an IBC 2016 debut unleashing its extremely powerful EXEcutor™ line of innovative broadcast servers. Designed with broadcasters, production and post-production facilities in mind, the EXEcutor™ Broadcast Server range was manufactured and rigorously tested by PBT EU to meet industry exacting standards.

Power-efficient, they are a tailor-made turn-key solution designed to cater to specific individual client requirements. They provide a highly customisable, robust, and dependable backbone for all areas of broadcast and production installation, including television stations, production studios and post-production companies.

By providing facilities for ingest and media management, titling and graphics, as well as playout and scheduling, EXEcutor™ Broadcast Servers can provide a complete “TV channel-in-a-box” solution, or be configured to provide any combination of component services using world-renowned PlayBox software, to enable very efficient, scalable, and flexible production pipelines to be created. These incorporate traditional, streaming and hybrid workflow models, even the cloud and private cloud.

Content can achieve output into a multitude of IP-streaming formats or via traditional SDI connections. Resolutions from SD to 4K are all supported, including the ability to stream multiple channels simultaneously.  EXEcutor™ Broadcast Servers are also designed to interface seamlessly with many types of routers, and can be activated with LTC timecodes and GPI triggers.

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About EXEcutor™ Sync Master reliable time-efficiency and copyright protection for sound creatives

Launching for the first time at IBC2017, PBT EU’s new EXEcutor™ Sync Master is a professional hardware-independent software tool used to bond video materials to a variety of external software and hardware devices used in professional music, entertainment, audio and video production, events management and multimedia production and post-production industries. User-friendly and easy to install, it saves money and time. It can be used as a slave video player to professional audio systems such as Avid Pro Tools and Sony Vegas, but can also synchronise multiple video materials between them, allowing easy management of multiple videos on single or multiple screens. Through its unique capability to play locally available video files, as well as those coming from third party desktop or web-based asset and content management systems such as online and encrypted videos, without the need to download them first, saves the sound creatives’ time and protects the copyrights of content owners. The EXEcutor™ Sync Master can be used as a standalone application or as part of the “LAPIS for Media” complete content and processes management system. Other benefits include the fact that it can seamlessly integrate with Professional Audio Tools through LTC or MIDI TC. It also eliminates the need to download and transcode web videos and DRM protected videos.
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About the EXEcutor™ Virtual Control Panel (EVCP) Complements and manages the EXEcutor™ server-line

The EVCP Control Panel is PBT EU’s own intuitive web-based software application and virtual control panel that also complements the EXEcutor™ server-line.  It allows cross-platform and remote management of all functions of the master EXEcutor™ Broadcast Servers. It includes remote media uploading, content, user, and playout management, as well as systems monitoring. It powerfully manages the entire server, including all its processes, conditional access rights, logging, reporting, and monitoring. It also generates alarms to alert users to relevant issues and facilitates both the operator and manufacturer’s support.  New features include alarming and notification, advanced clip trimmer and PlayList creator.

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About SubtitleNEXT PBT EU’s suite of advanced captioning subtitling toolsets supporting all content and live video

SubtitleNEXT is an innovative platform with a full range of modules, applications and hardware needed to cover all timed text related scenarios from creation to distribution for multimedia industries. Its advanced capabilities can be controlled by Project Management Systems, including subtitle video materials organised in Media Assets Management systems or from online video distribution platforms such as YouTube and Facebook working with live online content where real time subtitling is required. It has the capability to dramatically improve speed and efficiency, but also simplifies processes throughout the entire work cycle. Suitable for both newcomers and industry professionals in highly demanding positions. With a 25-year legacy behind it, in combination with the very latest trends, it also supports most of the historic and existing subtitling and media protocols, standards, and formats, and is flexible enough to easily be extended with new options. The product line also includes several software licensing levels and options, ranging from entry level SubtitleNEXT Novice, to SubtitleNEXT Expert, with brand new ground breaking SubtitleNEXT Central to be launched at IBC2017.

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About LAPIS – (Limitless Advanced Powerful Intelligent System) All processes seamlessly streamlined under one roof

Profuz Digital’s powerful business information management platform LAPIS, designed to centralise processes under one roof. As global distributor, PBT EU introduces the revolutionary concepts behind LAPIS. It streamlines disparate data related tasks, such as communications, project management and media management, into a single highly customisable “dashboard”. For broadcasters, production and post production companies, LAPIS seamlessly integrates media asset management functions with editing platforms and video sharing websites. It simplifies distributing and sharing large files and allows the creation of flexible and secure collaborative workflows.  From this single system, users can efficiently search and manage resources that were previously spread across independent communications, workflow, storage and sharing platforms.  

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PBT EU Technology Partners at Stand A10, Hall 1, IBC2017

About Profuz LAPIS

An information management-hub, which enables firms to streamline and simplify processes to improve efficiency and have better control over its information by removing the need to use multiple software products.Visit them at


About Vivacom

Provider of high quality telecommunication services.Visit them at




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