PESA Brings Compact Streaming, 4K Routing to InfoComm China 2015

Huntsville, Alabama – PESA, a leading designer and manufacturer of streaming solutions as well as professional audio and video distribution products, will showcase its Cheetah digital video routers and DRS audio routers, Vidblox 2K DVI dual link extenders, and PESA Xstream C22 streaming media appliance at InfoComm China 2015 (Booth CB6-01), which runs April 8-10 at the China National Convention Center in Beijing.

“PESA is ready for the 4K future with routing options that address the needs of today and Cheetah-2tomorrow within the same frame,” said John T. Wright, senior vice president of sales and business development. “We also continue to expand our PESA Xstream productCheetah-2 line to serve the growing need for streaming technology for a variety of professional markets. We have recently been awarded two major projects for a Chinese broadcaster, and we look forward to demonstrating our dynamic product line for other potential customers at InfoComm China.”

To support the growing worldwide interest in 4K, new PESA Cheetah routers are available in multiple configurations to manage the expanded bandwidth requirements of 4K signals. Both UHDTV (3840×2160) and DCI (4096×2160) are supported, and the router can mix and match between 4K CWDM and traditional copper or fiber I/O in the frame.

Simple plug-and-play retrofit kits offer a 4K solution for current Cheetah routers as well. PESA’s 4K I/O card is a direct drop-in replacement for the standard 16-channel HD/3G-SDI card found in current Cheetah frames. Any size Cheetah routing switcher can be retrofitted with the new Cheetah 4K I/O card system by replacing any existing 16-channel I/O card set and reconfiguring the software to accept the new 4K cards. Once configured for 4K, the router can run both 4K and 3G-SDI signals in parallel.

To accommodate consumer demand for more elaborate audio presentations for home viewing of live sporting events and other programming, PESA’s Enterprise DRS audio distribution system can be scaled to support up to 7,680 inputs and 7,680 outputs. The Enterprise DRS system is available in a variety of cost effective system configurations starting at 128×128 and can be Vidbloxexpanded in the field as audio needs grow. Plus, the Enterprise DRS system seamlessly integrates with Cheetah video routers, which provide access to the full 256 audio channels available in the video signal.

The C22 works as a standalone streaming appliance or as part of a larger hybrid broadcast system for medical, educational, government, security, sports, and news and entertainment applications. It allows AV professionals to compress, stream, and share high-quality content between locations, or add streaming to an existing video distribution infrastructure. The C22 can be configured as a two-port video encoder or two-port decoder, or can include one of each.

Two units can be paired to allow bi-directional live interaction between sites. An HDMI out allows for local preview, while an integrated Web server provides full remote control, so no personnel Vidbloxare required on site for streaming content to another facility. The C22 offers a variety of video inputs, while its built-in genlock allows video signals to be locked to an external source for glitch-free video switching. Plus, two external audio sources can be synchronized to either or both video streams.

PESA’s Vidblox 2K DVI dual link extenders transport ultra high-resolution graphics content to or from serial digital equipment in production studios, command and control environments, and geospatial imaging centers. The extenders offer a simple, inexpensive solution for facilities that need long distance, multi-path 2K distribution. Each Vidblox 2K transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) pair supports coax, fiber, or both copper/fiber connectivity, which can be used to cost effectively distribute multiple 2K video signals simultaneously.

On the local TX module, a looping DVI-D output allows quick monitoring status to check video content and image quality.
Video resolutions up to 2560×1600@60Hz are supported via a DVI-D dual link connector, with analog stereo embedded in the video transport. Each Vidblox 2K can be networked for remote control using PESA’s Cattrax network control software, and Vidblox 2K modules can be combined with PESA’s full line of Cheetah routing switchers for 2K distribution and switching systems up to 288×288.

About PESA
As a leading provider of audio/video (A/V) Baseband and IP connectivity products, PESA offers a wide selection of multi-path streaming products, routing switchers, matrix switchers, extenders, converters, media extenders, and signal processing gear to support government, military, industrial, commercial, medical, broadcast, and mobile truck applications. From large to small-scale A/V routing and extender products to multiple IP streaming appliances, PESA offers a diverse suite of AV products, all of which are supported by 24/7 technical support. PESA is located in Huntsville, Ala., with regional sales offices throughout North America and China. Our cost effective solutions are available around the world through our industry leading team of Channel Partners offering local support and installation. All products mentioned herein are trademarked property. Learn more about us at Follow us on Twitter: @PESA_ONLINE.

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