PESA Live Services Offers Customized Turnkey Multi-Camera Streaming System for Live Events

Huntsville, Alabama – PESA, a leading designer and manufacturer of streaming solutions as well as professional audio and video distribution products, today announced the availability of its PESA Live Services (PLS), a system for private and webcast presentations that provides an innovative way to produce and consume live content. With the PESA Live app for Android and iOS tablets, the system delivers interactive, multi-camera streaming events to targeted audiences, with branding, messaging, and analytics for content creators.

“We launched PESA Live Services during the 2015 CIS National Men’s Final 8 Tournament at Ryerson University in Toronto, and the response was incredibly positive,” said John Naylor, PESA vice president of global sales and distribution, streaming. “Attendees were able to download the free PESA Live app and enjoy a live, multi-camera, PESA Live Servicessocial, interactive, and immersive branded PESA Live Servicesexperience. PESA Live Services helps content creators connect viewers to events with video and social media, while connecting event producers to viewers with user analytics. It’s redefining the live event experience.”

At the venue, PLS is anchored by the PESA Xstream C58 streaming media appliance, which combines and synchronizes four video sources with up to eight audio sources. For webcasting applications, the multi-cam signal is connected to a content distribution network (CDN) for relay to the audience. Private or intranet deployments use the PESA Xstream Hub turnkey server.

The PESA Live app streams content to a unique quad screen display. Attendees can select between different synchronized video sources to watch, plus interact with others via Twitter within the app without missing the event presentation.

In the cloud, PESA Hub brokers the event’s connections between the venue, end-users, and video stream. Each event has a specific “Event ID.” Once the audience connects to an event, the PESA Hub serves the “Event Package” to each viewer. Authored by the content creators, the Event Package populates the app at the user level with specific content and custom objects for the presentation.

As a result, content creators can overlay logos and other branding elements on the main video window, plus insert revenue generating advertising or company-specific information into the presentation. PLS also provides audience analytics, so producers know who is using the PESA Live app and can receive immediate feedback and ROI. Connections are metered, with each representing a unique viewer accessing a single event.

Some events with sensitive information, such as corporate meetings, require that the content be kept strictly within an organization’s defined perimeter. PESA offers on-premises packages of its Hub services that are dimensioned for the size of intended viewership.
Beyond the cloud, PLS is supported by field experts who provide planning, commissioning, network infrastructure evaluation, support and maintenance, software updates, and training services. Plus, PESA’s team of digital content creators can build on-screen event elements to producer requirements. PLS offers monthly service plans, but event plans are also available for single productions.

About PESA
As a leading provider of audio/video (A/V) Baseband and IP connectivity products, PESA offers a wide selection of multi-path streaming products, routing switchers, matrix switchers, extenders, converters, media extenders, and signal processing gear to support government, military, industrial, commercial, medical, broadcast, and mobile truck applications. From large to small-scale A/V routing and extender products to multiple IP streaming appliances, PESA offers a diverse suite of AV products, all of which are supported by 24/7 technical support. PESA is located in Huntsville, Ala., with regional sales offices throughout North America and China. Our cost effective solutions are available around the world through our industry leading team of Channel Partners offering local support and installation. All products mentioned herein are trademarked property. Learn more about us at Follow us on Twitter: @PESA_ONLINE.

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