PESA Talks Streaming Video Benefits at Streaming Media West 2014

Huntsville, Alabama – PESA, a leading designer and manufacturer of professional audio and video distribution solutions, will present “Fiber? Satellite? Stream!” at Streaming Media West 2014, which runs Nov. 18-19 in Huntington Beach, Calif. Part of the conference program’s “Discovery Track,” PESA’s presentation begins at 11:30 a.m. on Nov. 19.

Presented by John Naylor, PESA’s vice president of global sales and distribution for streaming products, the session will examine the benefits and trade-offs of deploying PESA XSTREAM C22 Front JPEGstreaming technology for point-to-point video links. “Streaming technology has reached the point where it can be used effectively as a substitute for fiber runs at the enterprise level or for satellite links for global communications,” Naylor said. “We’ll discuss how some companies have already effectively implemented this technology – and what other organizations can learn from those initiatives.”

Streaming Media West spotlights online video technologies, content creation and distribution, and new business strategies through its conference program, exhibit hall, and networking opportunities. Xstream C22 PESA will also be an exhibitor at the show (Booth 312), showcasing its PESA Xstream product family and new PESA Live streaming app for iOS and Android smart devices.

Working in conjunction with the PESA Xstream C58 streaming appliance, PESA Live delivers a high-quality video stream with synchronized audio that allows users to customize their multi-channel viewing experience via an intuitive user interface during live events. The chat-enabled app also allows users to interact with others through Twitter and other social media sites in real time during the event without missing any of the audio or video presentation.
Logos or other branding can be easily added to the PESA Live video stream for targeted advertising and messaging, and the app’s ad insertion capabilities allow content producers to promote local businesses, upcoming events, or in-stadium services. Content can be distributed locally by limiting access to the venue’s Wi-Fi or published globally to a content distribution network (CDN).

PESA will also show its new PESA Xstream C22 compact streaming system, which is ideal for medical and educational applications, justice and government, security and first responders, and sports and entertainment production. It allows AV professionals to compress, stream, and share high-quality content between locations, as well as enable streaming in existing video distribution. As part of a larger hybrid broadcast system or standalone streaming appliance, the C22 can be configured as a two port video encoder or two port decoder, or can include one of each. Two units can be paired to allow bi-directional live interaction between sites.

The C22 offers a variety of video inputs, and its built-in genlock allows video signals to be locked to an external source for glitch-free video switching. During an event, two external audio sources can be synchronized to either or both video streams. An HDMI out allows for local preview, while an integrated Web server provides full remote control, so no personnel are required on site for streaming content to another facility.

Please note: The proper reference to PESA Switching Systems, Inc. in all written communication is with all letters capitalized, i.e. PESA, to reflect its broadened product range. Kindly refer to the company this way in all written copy.

About PESA
As a leading provider of audio/video (A/V) Baseband and IP connectivity products, PESA offers a wide selection of multi-path streaming products, routing switchers, matrix switchers, extenders, converters, media extenders, and signal processing gear to support government, military, industrial, commercial, medical, broadcast, and mobile truck applications. From large to small-scale A/V routing and extender products to multiple IP streaming appliances, PESA offers a diverse suite of AV products, all of which are supported by 24/7 technical support. PESA is located in Huntsville, Ala., with regional sales offices throughout North America and China. Our cost effective solutions are available around the world through our industry leading team of Channel Partners offering local support and installation. All products mentioned herein are trademarked property. Learn more about us at Follow us on Twitter: @PESA_ONLINE.

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