PHABRIX at IBC 2014 Hall 8 E40

With only days until IBC 2014 is under way, PHABRIX would like to invite you to our stand in Amsterdam Hall 8 E40. If you’re not in Europe, there’s plenty to let you know about in this quick IBC update.

The big news on the stand is 4K and our world’s first announcement of a 12Gbs eye supporting ALL UHDTV1 and 4K formats. You can see an example of the eye on the right. The chip sets that make this possible are not available until early in 2015 so expect 4K cards on the Rx rack mount modular system at NAB 2015. Why buy product that doesn’t support everything when you can wait a few months and have the best in the business?

We haven’t been holding back on our other Rx rack mount developments either. New toolsets include A/V generation, an amazing audio down mix matrix which turns the Rx into a fantastic audio/video QC test and measurement combination. With closed caption support, AFD/VI/WSS, V-Chip indication and dual Dolby decode for Dolby E, D and D plus, come and see how our product displays 17 instruments at a time at 1920 x 1080 via HDMI or SDI output. Did I forget to say it can does this on 4 simultaneous inputs and on SDI or fibre – both interfaces are built into the modules.

We’re known for our handheld products so a new A/V delay generator becomes part of the standard toolset. Our new TAG released at NAB is still the most cost effective hand held instrument on the market today with composite, SDI and optical interfaces. With fibre going in everywhere, you simply add a SFP and you have an optical or an additional copper interface. We have introduced a new product variant the TAGG at IBC. A big brother of the TAG, the extra G is for a combined generator bundled in the price. Now you have a generator, analyser and monitor for analogue, SDI and optical in one easy to carry portable. Oh and please please ask us about the price – you’ll love the value.

Our famous SxE is ever popular with its eye and jitter toolset and continues to be a first choice for most broadcasters when it comes to a portable physical layer analysis.

If you can’t get to IBC we do have a new online brochure which we’re very proud of which explains both Sx and Rx products. You can either download it or request a copy directly from us.

Or call us at our headquarters in the UK
+44 1635 873030

or our US office
+ 1 (714) 488-9520.

Brochure download link HERE

Remember lots to see on the Stand, Hall 8 E 40 – see you there.

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