Photon Beard provides soft-focus on LED at NAB Show 2017

LAS VEGAS, NAB Show 2017, Booth C7649: Photon Beard, a leading specialist manufacturer of lighting equipment, will feature its Highlight LED range.

Highlight LEDs feature outstanding color rendering and television lighting consistency indexes (CRI and TLCI) through the ingenious application of remote phosphor technology. And because Highlight LEDs have no moving parts (they are passively cooled), they are completely silent in operation. Combined with very high efficiency and a five year warranty on the whole fixture, this gives much lower and predictable operating costs.

Available in 90, 180, 270 and 360W variants, the options in the Highlight LED range equate to 2,4,6, and 8 tube fluorescents, but put out more light with no color shift over time. Compared to typical LED fixtures, they deliver far more ‘punch’ without producing unpleasant skin tones that sometimes make DPs reluctant to use LEDs as key lights. Photon Beard Managing Director Peter Daffarn said, “The Highlight LED range delivers exceptional quality of light by directing more soft light to where it’s needed, similar, but superior, to fluorescent fixtures.” Already shipping, Highlight LED is now in use around the world to rave reviews.

Photon Beard will also feature its PhotonBeam 80 LED Redhead, which also takes advantage of remote phosphor technology to provide near full spectrum, high CRI lighting from an LED source. Available in daylight 5600K color temperature, the PhotonBeam 80 LED Redhead is ideal for any location that requires high quality, low power lighting and has already become popular with ENG crews and freelance lighting professionals.

Not forgetting blondes, Photon Beard will also showcase the latest developments with Platinum Blonde, the company’s HMI-focusable floodlight. Combining light weight, small size and incredible light output it is ideal as a bounce light or for punching through diffusion. Platinum Blonde is directly applicable to an extensive range of television, film or photographic assignments.

Photon Beard can be found on Booth C7649 at NAB 2017. For more information, visit


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