Pier59 Studios Installs Quasar Science Image-Based Lighting in its Virtual Production Studio in Manhattan

Pier59 Studios has partnered with Quasar Science to install image-based lighting (IBL) units to support enhanced photo-realism and natural reflections on Pier59’s LED Volume stage, the largest of its kind on the island of Manhattan.

Opened in February 2023, Pier59 Studios’ virtual production studio features an LED Volume consisting of a 65’ curved LED screen and 40’ articulating ceiling, housing more than 25 million pixels capable of generating over 25 billion colors. The MegaWall is controlled by one of the most powerful virtual production systems in the world generating more than 200 teraflops (200 trillion calculations per second) of computational power.

Quasar Science’s IBL solution, which delivers interactive light emitting more than 4600 lumens simplifies workflows, further streamlines data management and improves the quality and control of light output.

Using the same assets projected onto the LED volume, IBL creates pixel-mapped lighting that heightens realism on set. Subtle nuances in light texture, movement, and spectral characteristics create dramatic effects, elevating the storytelling potential of virtual production.

Steve Baum, Chief Innovation Officer at Pier59 Studios, said: “When we started planning the build of the virtual production studio here at Pier59 late last year, we worked with the most ground-breaking companies in the industry to ensure we could deliver realistic environments to our clients, which include advertising agencies, production companies and VFX houses. When it comes to lighting, Quasar Science has developed image-based lighting techniques that are paving the way for a new level of creativity and excitement in visual storytelling. Our clients that have used it since its installation have been impressed with the results and ease of its integration into the virtual production workflow.”

With virtual production techniques, producers, directors, and creatives of all types can easily control the time of day, the season, the weather and the location (either real or imagined) all while realizing cost savings, increasing control and enhancing creative flexibility.

“Quasar Science Image-Based Lighting is the most versatile solution for creating a volume of realistic light for virtual production spaces. The building block approach of creating arrays out of individual tubes makes this solution flexible to the scope and budget of any virtual production shoot. Whether you are aiming to create 360 degrees of light to immerse your talent, or just need a handful of small and flexible windows to your virtual world,” said Emma Gottlieb Technical Sales rep Videndum Production Solutions.

More information about image-based lighting and the Quasar Science linear LED lighting range can be found at

Founded in 1995 by Federico Pignatelli and his Art and Fashion Group Corporation, Pier59 Studios is an 110,000 square-foot premier photography and multimedia studio located at Chelsea Piers in New York City. As the largest photography facility and multimedia complex in the world, the space is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and accommodates the needs of photographers, designers, advertising agencies and television production companies. Pier59 Studios features eleven column-free studio spaces, including a 5,400 square-foot sound stage constructed for live performances, special events, video and commercial projects. Nine studios are conceived for both natural and artificial lighting and are equipped with movable retractable walls to allow for full flexibility and modularity of their unique column-less spaces, to allow for all production needs.



Quasar Science is a Los Angeles-based provider of LED lighting solutions for the motion picture, television, and broadcast industries. Founded in 2012, a group of I.A.T.S.E Local 728 studio electrical lighting technicians, Quasar Science is dedicated to creating innovative lighting solutions that enable filmmakers to tell their stories with the most advanced technology available.


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