Piksel introduces VCMS2, next-generation Video Content Management System (VCMS)

York, United Kingdom — May 16, 2018Piksel, a global provider of software solutions for the media and broadcast industry, announced the arrival of its next generation content management solution succeeding its successful VCMS product, used by media and publishing firms globally.

The innovative solution, presented as VCMS2, will maintain the flexibility, features and functionalities of its predecessor, combining the new development philosophies with a cloud-native architecture and improving the user interface for journalists and content creators.

Piksel’s VCMS has been a flexible end-to-end software solution for managing the entire lifecycle of multimedia and video content, designed to help customers prepare an effective online presence quickly and manage digital products on new media channels. Piksel’s VCMS is being used by many media and broadcast companies worldwide, including network operators, and any customers who need to produce, manage and publish video and other media content.

“We have been cautious and careful with the evolution of the features and functionalities of VCMS, always concerned with maintaining what our customers love so much about it. However, the power and scalability of public clouds, the incredible advantages of combining microservice architecture and a DevOps approach, leading to continuous deployment without service interruption, self-healing defect treatment and new interface technology allowing for the efficient integration of mobile applications are all aspects that we wanted to add to what is otherwise a much beloved product by many”, said Dr. Ralf Tillmann, Piksel’s CEO.

“Our VCMS product has served many customers extremely well for more than 15 years. We have spent the last 12 months planning and designing its successor, VCMS2. This next-generation product will be based upon the Piksel Palette™, a cloud native microservices architecture, coupled with an intuitive user experience that enables rapid content composition and distribution on virtually any device. We are certain that the new VCMS2 will allow us to do both, maintaining everything that our customers have enjoyed about VCMS while introducing state-of-the-art technology to create the best CMS in the world for publishers and broadcasters. We have worked hard to get here and are now able to involve our customers in the final stage of the product development making sure that we can go to market with everything that our various customers in different markets look for,” commented Stefano Valsecchi, Head of Product Development of Piksel’s VCMS2 content management system.

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