Pilat Media Unveils New Semantic Layer Driving Enhanced Reporting Capabilities in IBMS:Adapt

Uniquely Designed Semantic Layer Enables Business Users to Create Richer Custom Reports More Easily for Key Broadcast Business Management Functions

LONDON — March 27, 2014 — Pilat Media has enhanced its IBMS:Adapt customization toolkit with a new semantic layer that lays the foundation for simplified connectivity with the rich Integrated Broadcast Management System (IBMS) database. The first application of the semantic layer is a new custom reporting server that includes tools and utilities to simplify the process of generating reports and enhance their effectiveness for business management users.

IBMS:Adapt is a comprehensive set of advanced customization tools that enables users to modify or extend their existing IBMS user interfaces, reports, business logic, and workflows to reflect changing business requirements. The new semantic layer bridges the gap between underlying database and data services and the business applications that wish to use them. Data objects are published in clear, easy-to-understand, user-friendly terms.

The built-in report designer enables broadcast operators to create custom IBMS reports, supporting users as they manage key business functions such as content preparation and scheduling, advertising campaigns, content rights, and program finance. The new reporting server offers self-service capabilities including subscription-based report delivery. Generated reports are integrated natively within IBMS and are also available via a Web interface that can be accessed from different applications and devices.

The semantic layer can also be applied to simplify integration projects and the development of custom and third-party business applications that can access the broadcast data and services in IBMS.

“In a typical database-driven application, the underlying data is stored in an optimized but very arcane manner, with the relational structure defined by a data architect. We recognized a need to present IBMS reporting data in terms that are easier for business users to understand,” said Ron Bar-Lev, executive vice president, product strategy, Pilat Media. “With the newest edition of IBMS:Adapt, users can build custom reports that present the data in everyday business terms for faster and better-informed decision-making and agility in responding to changing customer requirements.”

Pilat Media’s IBMS delivers multiplatform solutions for content, ad sales, and rights management to boost productivity across an entire broadcasting operation — from acquisition to scheduling; airtime and nonairtime sales; traffic; and finance. Leveraging a single shared database and a systemwide business logic and workflow architecture, IBMS modular configurations can replace multiple disparate systems with a centralized information hub designed to keep the broadcaster’s business running at peak efficiency. By fully integrating the management of nonlinear services within a broadcaster’s operations, IBMS creates new levels of efficiency and optimization in linking next-generation services such as VOD to more traditional services.

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