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Pixel Power celebrates collaborations with VisionTops


Booth 5E4-06, Broadcast Asia 2016: Pixel Power, the automation, branding and graphics innovator, is enjoying a growing collaborative relationship with Beijing VisionTops Technology. The Chinese systems integrator with a global reputation now regularly includes Clarity 3D graphics systems from Pixel Power in its major contracts.

“With Pixel Power we know we will get not just the best graphics quality but ease of integration and top class support,” said Tong Wang, CEO, at VisionTops. “That means working in any language and character set; it means integrating into larger automation systems; and it means making it simple to set the systems up to work the way our clients need.”

Recently VisionTops has delivered projects including Pixel Power graphics in Armenia, Mozambique and Tanzania. The company specialises in major broadcast projects and outside broadcast truck builds, and has a global reach.

The project for Public TV of Armenia involved four Clarity 3D graphics systems, used in an outside broadcast truck, the studio complex and in the playout chains of two channels. VisionTops also used the Pixel Power Control Toolbox software and Pixel Power’s management console software to build dedicated interfaces to the automation and news systems for streamlined workflows and automated playout. The simplicity of the Pixel Power API, and the power of the Control Toolbox software to build custom interfaces, was seen as central to the project.

In Tanzania VisionTops again worked with the national broadcaster to supply a state of the art outside broadcast unit, including extensive live graphics capability from a Pixel Power Clarity 3D.

VisionTops is currently completing an outside broadcast truck for Mozambique, to be based in Maputo. Again, the ease of use and speed and security of rendering from the Clarity 3D system confirmed the choice of Pixel Power to provide the live graphics.

“VisionTops is rapidly positioning itself as a major player in broadcast systems integration worldwide,” said James Gilbert, CEO of Pixel Power. “Their design engineers recognise the value of Pixel Power systems, from the sheer quality of our graphics to the flexibility in integration and automation. Through our support facility in Hong Kong we can provide detailed technical and sales expertise, and we very much look forward to a continuing relationship with the company and its clients.”


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