Pixel Power delivers data-driven graphics for Hochanda

Pixel Power, the innovative supplier of broadcast graphics and automation solutions, has helped new start-up Hochanda (Home Of Crafts, Hobbies And Arts) launch its shopping channel and website with data-driven graphics. Hochanda, which is based in Peterborough in the UK, called on Pixel Power’s creative services team to provide design support as well as buying the technology.

Shopping channels count on viewers being able to quickly identify attractive products, understand the pricing and order instantly. This is done through an L-shaped graphic overlay. At Hochanda this is provided by two Pixel Power LogoVision 3D graphics devices.

The information displayed in the graphics templates is derived directly from the channel’s product database to minimise errors and speed production. The contract also included a preparation workstation to design and refine templates and prepare special-purpose graphics.

“The saying in shopping channels is ‘no L, no sell’,” said Jamie Martin, CEO of Hochanda. “if the product information and ordering details are not there, we are not going to sell product. Reliability is absolutely paramount, and Pixel Power through its experience in similar installations could demonstrate that their products had that absolute reliability.

“We were also launching to a tight timescale,” he added. “Pixel Power came in, told us they could do it, and went from order to handover in two weeks, including support in designing our graphics. That was a great boost to our plans.”

For Pixel Power, CEO James Gilbert said “In a project like this, graphics quality is vital but usability is even more important. We have a simple API which allows us – or IT-savvy clients like Hochanda – to develop interfaces to databases and other networked equipment quickly, accurately and securely. That makes Pixel Power very fast to deploy, which means the channel gets on air and starts earning revenues faster.”

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