Pixel Power shows integrated delivery solutions at CCW

Pixel Power, the innovative supplier of broadcast graphics and automation solutions, is showing how channels can be packaged, delivered and branded at the NAB Content & Communications World event (New York, 11 – 12 November). Pixel Power’s technology can be tailored for every application from top-end broadcaster to online start-up.

Centre stage will be StreamMaster, a new approach to integrated playout and channel branding, which is implemented entirely in software and is ready for virtualization. It draws on Pixel Power’s excellent pedigree in realtime graphics as well as its long experience in automation. It provides all the requirements of a channel playout device – including multi-level 3D graphics, squeezebacks and hot starts, and secondary events – in a software package which runs on standard IT hardware.

The software can run in a virtualized environment in a data center, or it can be hosted on dedicated hardware with video I/O cards to fit into an SDI environment. As a software package it is inherently less expensive than technology needing bespoke hardware, and opens the route to new pricing models, so broadcasters and playout centers could choose to move from a capex basis to a pay-as-you-go licence, more closely matching the cost of technology to the income stream.

The open software basis of StreamMaster means it is readily integrated with third-party automation, asset management and workflow systems. At CCW Pixel Power is hosting a demonstration from Chyro, which will be showing how its traffic and planning software can be simply integrated with StreamMaster to deliver a complete solution.

“Our aim with StreamMaster is to provide a simple, affordable solution for playout and branding which is appropriate for the industry today as it migrates to IP,” said James Gilbert, CEO of Pixel Power. “Taking all our experience and knowledge and implementing our ideas in open, agile and extremely flexible software means we can meet the real needs of channel operators today, whether they are traditional broadcasters or new online services.

“We can licence the software however the customer wants it, so if the requirement is for a pop-up channel just for a few days for a special event, it now becomes practical to deliver that channel with the highest quality,” he added. “StreamMaster is scalable, extensible and sustainable, ready for whatever developments come along, whether that is 4k, high dynamic range or something we have yet to see.

“This could be the last investment you ever need to make in playout technology.”

Pixel Power’s graphics and branding products will also be demonstrated alongside StreamMaster and the Chyro integration at CCW, which is held in the Javits Convention Center, New York. Pixel Power can be found on booth 1307.

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