Pixel Power transforms the broadcast business model at NAB 2017

LAS VEGAS, NAB Show 2017, Booth SL8320: Pixel Power, the global automation, branding and graphics innovator, is linking the demonstration of its software-defined tools and platforms with a revolutionary fresh look at business models at NAB 2017 (Las Vegas Convention Center, 24 – 27 April, booth SL8320). The goal is to seize the commercial benefits of new technology alongside the boosts to creativity and productivity, potentially transforming the way media businesses align costs and revenues.

“There are plenty of companies now talking about virtualization of their technology, but that is just a small part of the story,” said James Gilbert, CEO of Pixel Power. “We are the only company that has the agility and the industry understanding to be able to wrap the technology with new licence options which give the user the choice of how to fund their creativity.

“Everybody knows that Pixel Power delivers unrivalled graphics quality, great master control systems and unique production automation,” Gilbert added. “We are doing that, and at the same time, we are blowing up the business model – now, today.”

Drawing on its proven Gallium™ Workflow Orchestration and StreamMaster™ Media Processing platforms, Pixel Power now offers a modular approach to every aspect of channel management and content production automation. Users build their precisely tailored solutions by assembling the modules they need.

The business transformation comes because each module is now available on perpetual, time or usage licences. Broadcasters can buy solutions outright; licence applications by the quarter or pay per hour of actual usage. Licences can be mixed and matched: a virtualized playout system with 2D graphics which is owned outright (or even on a quarterly license), for example, could have access to 3D capabilities with the user paying just for the hours that functionality is in use. In a virtualized or cloud environment with processor cycles similarly charged as used, then the broadcaster or media enterprise is funding technology as operational expenditure directly related to usage at a very fine level of detail.

“We can offer this transformation, because as a business Pixel Power is dedicated to this industry, big enough to meet the expectations of every user but small enough to be agile,” Gilbert said. “Most important, this is not just an idea we are floating past the industry. StreamMaster and GalliumAutomation are already in place with major broadcasters around the world, and we are keen to help others change the way they think about how they fund their technology to deliver the creativity and productivity they require.”

Dedicated to the broadcast industry for 30 years, at NAB2017 Pixel Power is showing how sophisticated graphics and DVE capabilities are integral to playout automation, even in virtualized and cloud solutions. The Gallium Workflow Orchestration layer provides comprehensive and flexible capabilities, from traditional master control playout automation to advanced production systems which eliminate the repetitive work in creating multiple versions of promos and trailers, for example. Visitors to booth SL8320 will be able to see how this productivity is delivered without compromising image quality, and discuss how this can be implemented quickly in a virtualized environment and in a licensing framework appropriate to their needs.


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