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Pixel Power’s ChannelMaster Launches New Channels @pixel_power



Getting a new channel up and running can often be a complex project in both a business sense as well as in a technological sense. What you really need is an flexible and simplified integrated playout solution that will allow you to easily launch new channels as well as to protect established ones. ChannelMaster from Pixel Power allows you the ease and flexibility that you need and demand.

Pixel Power, based in Cambridge, England, has, for more than thirty years, delivered engineering expertise to the worldwide broadcast industry. Pixel Power continues to deliver state of the art integrated playout delivery solutions and graphics production to broadcast companies, post production houses, playout facilities, OB truck companies and entertainment venues as well as sports complexes.

For three decades, Pixel Power has been delivering the best in award winning branding and promotions systems, graphics enabled master control switchers, and graphics production systems to such world clients as Disney, The BBC, Sky, Ericsson, and VIASAT just to name a few. Pixel Power enables producers to deliver engaging and highly dynamic content in SD, 4K, HD, mobile and online.

Broadcast Beat founder Ryan Salazar chats with Pixel Power CEO Mike O’Connell about visualization…

ChannelMaster is one efficient system that cuts down on the traditional complex signal path for playout. In addition, ChannelMaster features:

  • Simplify workflows when working with Gallium or existing automation systems and MAM systems. By simplifying, broadcasters can truly expand their channels with technologies that enables them to take the critical things, like logo placement and sponsor graphics, and get them to display perfectly every time.
  • ChannelMaster Duo is a two channel system that will deliver two independent channels at the same time using one simple and efficient system. This is a huge cost savings as it lowers the overall cost of delivering a channel and greatly expands out options that become available to playout centers as well as multi channel facilities. Duo is a 3RU system with built in best of breed graphics.
  • ChannelMaster easily integrates graphics, storage, 2D/3D/DVE, subtitling, audio, video server, master control switcher, and upstream router control. In addition, ChannelMaster allows you to quickly get new channels on the air, lower per channel costs, add clips and 3D capabilities, expand any playout facility, and deploy reliable disaster recovery.

Pixel Power continues to be on the cutting edge of engineering reliability and adaptability. For more than thirty years such companies as Disney, Ericsson and the BBC have trusted the dependable and flexible engineering that Pixel Power continues to bring to the industry.

Kevin Sawyer