NTBA,AI,Basketball ,Pixellot
NTBA,AI,Basketball ,Pixellot


Pixellot and The National Travel Basketball Association Team Up to Bring New Level of Exposure and Access to Youth Tournaments

Pixellot, the world’s leading provider of AI-Automated™ sports video and analytics solutions, has partnered with The National Travel Basketball Association (NTBA), the nation’s premier youth travel basketball tournament operator to provide software and hardware solutions for the capture, production and streaming of basketball games and tournaments across the United States.

NTBA hosts events across the country for boys and girls in grades 3-12. Activities begin with a series of regular-season weekend tournaments for varying age divisions and conclude with three National Championship events that are held in Myrtle Beach, SC every year.

Under the new collaboration, the NTBA will introduce Pixellot’s youth video and analysis platform Pixellot You to its member teams. Pixellot You integrates with Pixellot’s mobile camera the Pixellot Air or with an off-the-shelf action camera for video capture, review, and analysis. Pixellot Air is a lightweight, portable device with a dual camera array and direct cloud uploading. It is straightforward to set up on any court and can capture 12 hours of play. Following the games, Pixellot delivers automatically produced video for review, coding, tagging, and annotating on a dedicated coaching platform.

Under the new agreement, all NTBA teams can enjoy the game video, automated highlights, in-depth analytics, and full video breakdowns including shots charts and heatmaps.

“We believe in making all our tournaments affordable and Pixellot systems are exactly what we need to add an affordable, rich media aspect to our events,” said John Whitley, President of the National Travel Basketball Association. “Because of the scope of our activity around the country, Pixellot systems will bring a great amount of visibility to all of the NTBA games and be invaluable for scouts and recruiters while keeping family and friends fully in the loop regarding the games their loved ones participate in.”

“Pixellot’s range of solutions that can capture basketball games will revolutionize the way teams coach, play and share their games with family, friends and fans,” said David Shapiro, Pixellot President of North America. “The best thing about our basketball solutions is that they can even be used with any GoPro Hero Black 7 and above. You don’t have to buy a new camera. Teaching through video, giving coaches new insights that are backed by data and enabling families to watch their kids’ games without missing a tournament will be a game changer.” NTBA,AI,Basketball ,Pixellot

NTBA,AI,Basketball ,Pixellot

NTBA yearly events cover some 50 tournaments with the participation of 2,000 teams, 25,000 players, and 6,200 coaches from 23 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. Pixellot systems are installed in over 20,000 venues worldwide, 8,000 of them high schools and colleges, and to date they have broadcast over 500,000 basketball games.

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