Pixelogic Joins Pixelworks TrueCut Motion Ecosystem as Certified Services Partner

Pixelworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: PXLW), a global leader in visual processing solutions, today announced Pixelogic, a global provider of content localization and distribution services for the media and entertainment industry, is joining the TrueCut® Motion ecosystem, to offer this breakthrough technology as part of its post-production capabilities for theatrical and streaming films and releases.

TrueCut Motion is a powerful solution that unlocks the ability for directors, cinematographers, theatrical exhibitors, streaming services and TV manufacturers to deliver picture quality optimized for a superior motion viewing experience exactly the way the director intended across all screens. This unique, first-of-its-kind motion grading solution provides filmmakers with advanced mastering tools to control how motion is visualized in their films, not only in theaters but also in consumers’ homes.

As part of the platform, the solution also delivers a singular streaming and theatrical distribution system supported by device certification to solve motion issues, such as judder and de-blur, that have long been a challenge for directors and consumers alike.  Filmmakers can fully customize the shutter angle, judder, and framerate, dialing it in as much or as little as they like, all during the standard post-production process. As a result, TV and Cinema viewers will be able to experience incredible motion, consistently delivered the way the filmmaker intended across different screens.

“TrueCut Motion’s innovative technology and scientific approach to the problem of motion playback in the cinema and in the home is well-aligned with Pixelogic’s services,” said Andy Scade, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Pixelogic’s Worldwide Digital Cinema & Home Entertainment Mastering Services. “With the evolving landscape of global theatrical and direct to the home distribution models, we are committed to offering advanced services that enable world-class, best-of-breed solutions for content owners, exhibitors, digital platforms and ultimately consumers on every screen.  We are excited to be the first provider in the industry to usher in the motion-grading revolution.”

The TrueCut Motion platform has been in development for several years at Pixelworks, and its motion grading tools have been acknowledged by the industry with Lumiere and Hollywood Professional Association technical excellence awards.  The end-to-end solution includes a new content delivery format and device certification program to guarantee a consistent filmmaker-approved viewing experience across all screens.

“Since announcing TrueCut Motion’s end-to-end platform in December, the TrueCut Motion ecosystem is gaining significant momentum.” said Miguel Casillas, Senior Director of Ecosystem Marketing at Pixelworks. “From one of the world’s best-selling television brands, TCL, bringing TrueCut Motion to its 2022 televisions to Pixelogic now offering our technology as a service, we’re finally solving the missing link in picture quality and delivering truly astounding motion quality across all screens and devices.”

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