Pliant Technologies Steps Into The Spotlight for Sound Associates Inc.

Brand’s CrewCom and CB2 Wireless Intercom Systems Provide Full Coverage for Various Broadway Shows and Musical Tours

With over 75 years of experience renting production gear to On and Off Broadway shows, houses of worship, concerts and outdoor events, Sound Associates, Inc. has become a leading source of audio and video systems, wireless communications systems, and more. With a team composed of some of the foremost audio and video designers, engineers, and integrators in the industry, Sound Associates has been committed to providing its clientele with direct access to quality products from professional audio manufacturers along with excellent support for those products.

When the Sound Associates team was in need of an intercom system that met its stringent audio requirements, Pliant Technologies was the obvious choice. As a leading manufacturer of wireless communications, Pliant’s CrewCom CB2 wireless intercom system was the perfect solution, and later the team also added the brand’s CrewCom 900MHz wireless intercom system.

“The Pliant team immediately stepped up to the plate and was really helpful in the set-up process,” says Christopher Cronin, Vice President of Technical Services for Sound Associates. “After testing the CrewCom system on one show, we immediately purchased a number of CrewCom and CrewCom CB2 systems that we now use on various shows and tours.”

With Pliant’s CrewCom systems, Sound Associates was able to provide wireless comms with excellent RF coverage for a variety of recent Broadway shows and musical tours, including The Shark is Broken, In Dreams, Purlie Victorious, A Doll’s House, The Jagged Little Pill Tour and The 1776 Tour. Each of these installations consisted of two CrewCom Control Units, three to four Radio Transceivers, and about 12 to 16 Radio Packs.

In addition to meeting Sound Associates’ high standards of coverage and audio performance quality, a main benefit of the Pliant system for Cronin and the team has been its accessibility. “With Pliant, the ability for our team to seamlessly deploy and use the system was effortless,” says Cronin. “Its ease of use has been super helpful. Once explained, our clients have picked it up really quickly.”

Additionally, Cronin accredits Pliant for the product’s dependability. “The CrewCom system has been a hearty and reliable solution for us. Overall, we’ve been very happy,” he says. “We have been very pleasantly surprised and working with Pliant Technologies as a company has been a fantastic experience in both its service and support.”

CrewCom is an innovative, professional wireless system featuring excellent 7KHz voice quality with a choice of three different full-duplex Radio Packs that can select from a choice of up to 64 different conferences, and a host of user-friendly features. It is available in two frequency bands (900MHz and 2.4GHz). Unlike a matrix-based architecture, CrewCom is based on a decentralized network platform. CrewCom wireless products easily put dependable RF coverage where needed, all while employing a consistent user interface throughout the system.

Pliant’s CrewCom CB2 is an ideal solution for small to mid-level applications requiring a reliable, great sounding wireless intercom with excellent RF coverage and range. It is a fully featured, 2-channel affordable wireless intercom system that provides ease-of-use and unparalleled performance without the cost and complexity of many high-end intercom systems. CB2’s smart system design makes it easy to connect to a hardwired system and uses a rugged, volunteer-friendly radio pack. With CB2, it’s possible to add wireless users without compromising audio quality, coverage, and overall performance.

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