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Plura Broadcast has made a name for itself in cutting-edge monitors. Monitors aren’t all they do however; a glance at their NAB booth #N2718 at the Las Vegas NAB show would have dispelled all notions of a one-trick pony (albeit an amazing high-quality trick). On display at the booth were such non-monitor items as: an app for MTDoE timers to control & display the timers on smart phones and tablets; the GNS-10MHz module, which is a veracious and accurate multi-GNSS receiver and master clock (which would typically be used in an OB vehicle); a studio production timer for the tabletop, as well as a rack-mounted version of the same product, along with several different time display solutions useable over the Ethernet.

module supports decoderOf course, Plura’s main focus remains on monitors – and it also had a dazzling showing of their latest and greatest advancements in monitors and displays – like the new module for the SFP-3G, which allows it to support the J2K recorder. As ever, Plura monitors maintain a broad feature set, including such favorites as: ease of use, flexible solutions, workflow enhancing innovations, LKFS audio loudness with IP, and screen life in excess of 35,000 hours.

Take a look at the most recent addition to the PHB-3G Series – a 7-inch LCD monitor. Portable, and super bright, it is useable in bright venues like a sports stadium and outside under direct sunlight! Even outdoors in direct lighting, the RGB 12-bit digital signal processing delivers stunning picture quality and color plura 7 inch brighreproduction in perfect hues. Of course, following SMPTE, EBU and REC 709 guidelines – how could it not? 1300 cd/m2 really does the trick! Going indoors? A simple touch can turn the brightness down as low as 100. Fittingly for a portable monitor, this unit is shielded against electromagnetism, allowing it to ignore such pesky annoyances as being influenced by GPS navigation systems and radar. The news team on the go never had it so good!

Looking for the latest in 4K solutions? Plura has got you covered! The LCM-4K Series supports up to 3840 x 2160 resolution. Sharp, accurate, detailed; if you want quality, come to Plura, they have quality to spare! The granddaddy of this set has an 84-inch screen but still maintains the LCM series characteristic slimness, allowing suitable size without being bulky – making it ideal for the home, office, or studio. Naturally, the series includes their standard broad feature set, even further guarantying Plura monitors a top spot in the industry. An intuitive smart TV menu includes all of the standards, plus such things as plura 4 Kadjustable colorimetry, gamma correction and audio monitoring. Why just have HD when you can have Ultra HD?

This year’s Las Vegas show brought us Plura’s LCM-207-3G & LCM-209-3G. The LCM Series brings together many favored features pertaining to video review, maintaining a broad array of features yet still somehow managing to remain an affordable option in a studio’s search for solutions and workflow aids. Plura, once again, succinctly demonstrates just how they achieved global recognition as a monitor-focused broadcasting manufacturer. Dual 7-inch and dual 9-inch monitors helped illustrate for NAB show attendees just what’s so great about Plura. Consistent quality, value, and durability in everything they manufacture. The LCM series presents a range of affordable monitors and retains features that might be considered higher-end, like maximizing quality with their in-depth color calibration.

The dual screen function is invaluable for quality control, helping users achieve their desired levels of quality. Picture integrity is easily matched and compared screen-to-screen. Plura has thoughtfully included some features that are lacking in the competition’s side-by-side comparative preview monitors; these are included as standard and not some tack-on (yet necessary) feature that ultimately costs the customer more for its inclusion. Each screen on the dual monitor unit sports 4x SDI output, 2 x HDMI, 2 x RGB, 6 x composite, & 2 x S-Video.

These 2 units weigh-in at a comparatively svelte 5½ & 7 pounds respectively. The LCM series has an advanced feature set dual 7&9 plurathat comes standard with each unit, while trimming out all those features that are unnecessary for a device that focuses on side-by-side comparison for quality assurance. With flawless color as well as being Ethernet-capable, networking is easily accommodated and the monitors also measure such things as white luminescence level, color temperatures and Gamma, dynamic or static UMP and tally, and PIP.

Plura Broadcast has become synonymous with top of the line cutting-edge HD and SD LCD video monitors; their high end equipment has found its niche with broadcasters around the globe. A peek in their NAB booth would have helped to cement that notion for you if you had stopped-by and checked them out.

This is one of the reasons why we use nothing but Plura Monitors at Broadcast Beat Studios! When the finest exists, why use anything else?

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