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Podcasters Can Grow Their Podcast By Attending @PodcastMovement



In the five years since its inception, PODCAST MOVEMENT has done well in growing to become the ultimate annual destination for podcasters of various backgrounds. PODCAST MOVEMENT has also provided unique education and networking opportunities to podcasters from all walks of life. Any podcaster who is trying to grow their podcast, or is in the process of starting one, will be able to do that by attending PODCAST MOVEMENT 2019, (PM19). PM19 is the place to be August 13-16 as the ultimate hot spot in uniting podcasters of all artistic backgrounds. This grand event will range from active and aspiring podcasters, industry reps, and podcasting professionals, totaling at over 4,000 members of the podcast community, as they all come together to be part of a unique effort to educate and essentially help grow the podcast industry and the many voices that make it a haven of artistic diversity and cultural uniformity.



PODCAST MOVEMENT has spared no effort in making sure there will be something for podcasters of all subjects and backgrounds to gain as they attend PM19. This grand podcasting event will be held at the Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida where podcasters will be provided with complete access to over 300 speakers and panelists, all participating in over 150 different breakout sessions and panel discussions that will fall under one of seven categorized “tracks.” These seven conference tracks will focus on the topics of:




Sponsored by Himalaya, and featuring break out sessions such as: 

  • Podcasting Basics 1 – The Creative Side
  • Two Minutes To Greatness – Creating a Clear Podcast Opening That Makes Listeners Stick Around
  • The Top 10 Interview Mistakes Podcast Hosts Make
  • Podcasting Basics 1 – The Creative Side

The creation track will focus on working to help teach podcasters all the ins and outs of the podcasting business. Attending this track will help beginner and professional podcasters learn how to help their own shows grow, as they become immersed in the art of storytelling needed to make their podcast stand out, along with the ability to conduct great interviews. 



Sponsored by Podcast Engineering School, and including sessions such as:

  • Advanced Audio Production: Waaay Beyond Just Removing Umms, Etc
  • People Breathe: The Art of Editing an Interview 
  • The Business Side of Podcasting

Sessions from the technical track will work to incorporate numerous topics specifically designed to help podcasters learn how to podcast from mobile devices, while equally having the best technical experts from the world of podcasting teach them unique editing techniques that’ll make their content look more professional and sophisticated.



Sponsored by Coleman Insights, the industry track will feature sessions such as:

  • The Evolution of Podcast Advertising
  • Live Touring Panel
  • Bringing Podcasts To The World

These sessions will work to focus on the standards of podcast advertising, measurements, and large podcast sponsorships. 




Sponsored by Radiopublic, and with sessions such as:

  • Growing Your Podcast (and Revenue!) Using Email Marketing & Automation 
  • The Art of Hard Conversations: Why Podcasting Can Change Our Politics For The Better
  • Brand, Market and Grow Your Amazing Podcast While Still Working That Full-Time Job

The marketing track will center on helping podcasters not only create unique and original content, it will also help to make sure the right people tune in to what podcasters are distributing as they promote themselves. Podcasters attending the marketing track will be able to learn techniques ranging from using social media, email marketing, and new technology as some of the world’s most successful podcasters help them grow their podcast.



Sponsored by Triton Digital, and incorporating sessions such as:

  • Integrations, Special Offers, Fan Retention, Oh My!
  • Get Paid to Podcast: The Next Frontier
  • Negotiation for Content Creators

The monetization track will feature experts who understand how podcasters can profit from their craft, as they help teach them the various methods on how to effectively acquire sponsors, as well as the nature of crowdfunding their podcasts. 



Sponsored by Lipstick & Vinyl, while including sessions such as:

  • Location, Location, Location! Reporting on Criminal Justice from the Ground Up
  • Believed: Reporting on Sexual Assault in the #MeToo Era
  • Purpose-Driven Podcasting: Using Your Voice and Your Network to Create Change

The Society, Culture & Advocacy track works to encourage both speakers and attendees alike to come together and fully address engaging social issues such as racism, diversity, and multiple forms of harassment that are still in need of great change within modern culture. This track is important and through the incorporated sessions, it will be very helpful in working to give a much needed progressive voice to the many underrepresented communities that the art of podcasting can help in raising greater awareness of.




This unique conference track’s sessions include:

  • Story Rhythm
  • Please Oh Please Notice Me: Compelling Narration in Audio Fiction
  • #OwnVoices: Storytelling Through Experience and Identity in Audio Fiction

Among the most rapidly growing genres within the art of podcasting, is that of the audio drama format. This unique track and its sessions will feature a full track of audio drama focused education, and it will be a great learning experience for podcasters from all genres!

These seven conference tracks will be composed of brand-new podcasters, as well as audio veterans who are all on a mission to gather as many podcasters as possible in what is a constantly growing community of unique artistic voices, while equally providing valuable learning opportunities that’ll help them grow as podcasters and as human beings. 

For a full layout of the conference schedule, then click here, and for more on PM19, then check out 2019.podcastmovement.com.