Polycorp Media In The Hague Installs PMC MB2 Monitoring

Harmen Sipkema, producer and owner of Polycorp Media, has installed PMC MB2 monitors in his studio in The Hague and is using them to record, mix and post produce radio jingles.

“As someone who both composes and mixes, these monitors are ideal because they provide a good balance between an analytical and honest sound and a stimulating pat-on-the-back sound,” he explains. “I’ve never had – or heard – a monitoring system that gives me so much in each of these aspects.”

Founded in 1999, Polycorp Media provides a base from which Sipkema can conduct his creative audio work. His studio is equipped with Pro Tools HD/Ultimate 12 with two Lynx Aurora 16 converters, CraneSong Avocet II, API and Audient Preamps and a 500-series rack with an IGS Rubber Bands and an IGS One LA 500.

Sipkema’s studio was designed by Jelle van der Voet from Pinna Acoustics who recommended an MB2 system with Hypex nCore amps because it perfectly complemented the room design. The monitors were supplied by PMC’s local distributor, Joystick Audio.

“Jelle really considers the speakers and the room to be one system – not just on paper but also in the build,” Sipkema says. “As it happens, I had heard PMC MB2s in a studio owned by my friend Anthony Timmers and that was what really sold me on this system. They are absolutely fantastic, especially in terms of the stereo image, the depth, the range and the definition. When a mix sounds right on the PMC’s, I know it’s a good mix. They also help me get from A to B a lot quicker because they highlight when there is a problem in the mix and make it much easier to find a solution.”

Although Harmen Sipkema works as a solo artist and a voiceover artist, much of his time is spent on production work for radio. With clients including Brandy and Pure Jingles, his compositions and mixes have been used by leading stations from Moskow to Marrakesh and all over Europe.

“I’m currently working with WOW Radiobranding in Germany,” he explains. “They compose great stuff and let me arrange and record the vocals. Then I finish the whole package with mixing and freaky vocal-editing and vocal-processing so that it is ready to go on air. We’ve just completed a couple of great jingle packages for RSH, FFN, NRJ and Radio PSR and also for Barbaradio – a new station set up by German star Barbara Schöneberger.”

Not content with composing and mixing audio, Sipkema is also a Dutch voice over artist and is planning to release a module he designed for the Eurorack synthesizer format.

“There are just so many interesting things to do,” he says. “I wish I had time to learn and do everything!”


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