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Post Production World Readies for NAB Show With More Workshops Than Ever




As the annual National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show approaches, Post Production World is ready, once again, to offer more workshops and seminars than ever before. NAB Show 2017 will be taking place at the Las Vegas convention center from April 22-27 and looks to be even bigger than last year’s highly successful show.

Post Production World is the world’s leading training event for content creators and designers including TV, film and video editors, producers, directors, graphic artists, motion graphics designers and new media specialists. Produced in partnership with Future Media Concepts, the six-day program features a robust multi-track schedule focused on production and post-production technologies, trends and workflows. It is one of the most anticipated part of the NAB Show.

The Post Production World Program at NAB Show 2017 includes over 250 sessions on video editing, motion graphics, cinematography, lighting, sound design, color correction and grading, project management, content distribution, new technology and more. Additional details on this year’s program will be made available soon. Post Production World tracks include: Post|Production, Motion Graphics & VFX, Production, Creative Business, Digital Distribution, P|PW University, NAB Show Now, Mobile Journalism, The Future, Cross Train, and so much more.

Here is just a small sampling of the exciting workshops and seminars that will be available at Post Production World at the NAB Show 2017…

  • Cross Train: After Effects Essentials for Video Editors
  • How to Script: Best Practices for Writing Your Project
  • In-Depth: Corporate Video Production
  • Unraveling Digital Workflows for Mobile Storytellers
  • In-Depth: Compact 4K Cameras Sony, Panasonic, and Canon
  • Cross Train: Photoshop Essentials for Video Editors
  • Cross Train: Editing Video in DaVinci Resolve
  • Promos & Commercials Breakdowns
  • 3D Modeling inside Cinema 4D

and so much more…

Also premiering at the 2017 NAB Show will be an exciting new experience called the MET Effect. Technology is evolving faster than humankind itself. And we’re living in a world of our own invention. Behavior and business have merged to redefine content, workflows and revenue streams.It’s The M.E.T. Effect℠, a cultural phenomenon fueled by hybrid solutions and boundless connectivity that’s changing the very nature of how we live, work and play.

Take a sneak peek at the wonder of The MET Effect..

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