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Powering the Most Captivating Webcasting Workflows with Matrox® Monarch EDGE


Online video and over-the-top platforms (OVPs and OTTs) are constantly evolving. Users can stand out by taking advantage of the latest in webcasting innovations – such as high-frame rate (HFR) 4K, 4K 360 VR, and multi-camera selection – supported on desktop, mobile, and Smart TV web-based video players. Designed to take on today’s engaging live streaming workflows, Matrox Monarch EDGE provides broadcasters and other video professionals with robust, low-latency, and dynamic H.264 encoding capabilities packaged in a compact, low-power, and portable appliance.

Leveraging proven methods to meet today’s standards

The H.264 codec is universally accepted for web contribution and live streaming. Monarch EDGE’s unique implementation keeps data rates exceptionally low while minimizing latency all without sacrificing quality. Monarch EDGE’s independent encoding operations per input can be configured to stream to a single or multiple destinations. Each operation benefits from a powerful scaling and de-interlacing engine to ensure only pristine images and audio are encoded.

Capable of tackling a myriad of workflows, Monarch EDGE delivers unparalleled, robust encoding power combined with the innumerable applications and universal availability of the H.264 codec. Monarch EDGE’s practical, compact design makes it ideal for installation in a fly-pack, OB van, or with a second Monarch EDGE unit in a 1RU-rack space. Its 4K UHD/multi-HD inputs make Monarch EDGE ideal for any live event covered by multiple camera feeds, such as sporting events and concerts. As a high-density encoding platform, Monarch EDGE can accept four independent HD inputs and deliver multiple streams per input, making it suitable for central equipment room installations.

Tackling emerging workflows

Monarch EDGE is well-suited for handling today’s emerging webcasting workflows, such as those that cater to the demand for content in 4K UHD. In order to best leverage Monarch EDGE’s high-frame-rate, 4K UHD encoding capabilities, webcasters should capture video using their 4K UHD camera and equipment and deliver the Monarch EDGE-encoded video to an OVP of choice. From there, webcasters can let the OVP take care of downscaling. The reason for this is, while feeds delivered in resolutions lower than 4K UHD may be ideal for small screens, the result is less-than-optimal for larger, 4K UHD-capable TV screens because the TV itself must upscale content delivered to it at lower resolutions. When streams are delivered in 4K UHD to OVPs, those OVPs will tackle downscaling to optimize for small screen sizes, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones so that the smaller screens will still be able to view exceptional picture quality. Using Monarch EDGE, webcasters can deliver pristine-quality video to any screen size, and viewers will see the final product with the superior level of quality that the webcaster intended.

Another way in which Monarch EDGE can help webcasters maximize 4K UHD delivery is by allowing users to capture in 4K UHD and deliver in multiple different frame sizes to several different OVPs at the same time. For example, Monarch EDGE makes it possible to stream to Facebook at its recommended resolution of 720p, and at the same time, stream to YouTube in 4K UHD – while still having extra outputs that can go to other OVPs or media servers like Wowza. For workflows that instead require multiple HD feeds, Monarch EDGE is capable of encoding multiple HD streams to be delivered to at least 16 different locations for unprecedented reach and exposure. Webcasters can take advantage of Monarch EDGE’s powerful encoding engine to extend their reach and engage with their audiences where they are.

With four synchronized inputs on each device, Monarch EDGE can easily fit into and equip webcasting workflows that provide content for the engaging multi-camera experiences of OVPs like YouTube. The
platform now offers users the ability to choose and switch between multiple camera angles as they watch live content. Furthermore, specialty media servers targeting coaching and sports officiating markets can also take advantage of Monarch EDGE’s four synchronized inputs to feed their multi-angle replay and review platforms. Monarch EDGE has already been trialed and selected by international, top-tier association football and rugby teams as an integral part of their in-match video playback solutions.

Monarch EDGE’s ability to support a variety of streaming protocols allows it to fit seamlessly into both workflows that use both open and local networks. Many OVPs and media servers are beginning to support SRT, a new open-source streaming protocol that provides the reliability of the ever-popular RTMP format, while reducing latency for use on open networks. On local networks, webcasters can select MPEG-2 TS or RTSP, depending on what their workflows require.

Delivering an experience beyond that offered by traditional linear programming, Monarch EDGE capitalizes on the latest in live-event-webcasting innovations to allow video professionals to stream compelling live content to any screen size. From powering engaging multi-camera online experiences, to equipping coaches with replay tools on the sidelines of any sporting event, Monarch EDGE is the ideal encoding appliance to take on today’s most captivating webcasting workflows.

Main features

· Four SDI inputs (3 x 3G, 1 x 12G)
· DisplayPort preview (single or quad mode)
· Professional analog or embedded audio
· Genlock output
· Dual GigE network connectors
· Compact 1RU half-width
· Front panel for status and configuration
· Low power
· Matrox Monarch EDGE Control Hub dedicated Windows application

For more information, visit matrox.com/video/edge/broadcast-beat

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