Primestream Unveils Xchange Suite v3.0

Upgrades to the FORK Remote-Access Application Create New Level of Stability and Flexibility for Multisite Production Operations

MIAMI — Feb. 25, 2014 — Primestream(R) today announced FORK(TM) Xchange(TM) Suite v3.0, a major upgrade to the application that gives broadcasters instant Web access to content on their FORK Production(TM) servers from any Windows(R), Mac(R), or tablet device. Xchange v3.0 has a wealth of new features and capabilities that make it more flexible and stable than ever before, allowing concurrent users in multisite production operations global access to content and workflows within a reliable, centralized, efficient infrastructure.

“Some clients have increased the amount of clips handled in Xchange by more than 400 percent in the past year alone, so it’s clear that our clients need ever more flexible, scalable workflows and unwavering stability. The enhancements in Xchange v3.0 make it one of the first market solutions that can expand to the scale that our clients demand and allow users to create all kinds of new workflows,” said Claudio Lisman, Primestream president and CEO. “Through Xchange, large-scale media enterprises can unify multiple parts of the organization through a single user experience while addressing limitations in networks and infrastructure to increase stability.”

Yahoo! Studios, Albavision, Clio TV, and Radio and TV Marti are just a few of the media enterprises around the world that use Xchange for their daily production workflows. For the enterprise, Xchange v3.0 extends workflows to remotely connected users and facilities, a benefit that streamlines operations and reduces the time and cost of producing content. Users see direct benefits through ease of operation, increased quality of service, increased speed of workflow, and added functionality in remotely connected environments.

Xchange v3.0 features a completely redesigned iPad(R) interface optimized for Apple(R) iOS 7. Its many other new features and capabilities are:

– Xchange Uploader: Allows users to submit raw or finished packages directly into the FORK Production environment via a Web-based interface.
– Xchange Downloader: Allows users to download source content in order to edit final packages locally, with the ability to choose among multiple qualities to download.
– Xchange Partial File Download: Users can download sections of media, allowing faster download workflows and eliminating the need to download entire media.
– Xchange Load Balancer: Allows for distribution of network traffic across multiple servers for added stability and scalability.
– Xchange Encoding Engine and Render Farm: Allows Xchange to offload rendering processes from the FORK Production environment and adds flexibility with file creation.
– Quick, Cuts-Only editing: Allows users to create a rough cut with footage in Xchange and send the timeline to the FORK Production environment for distribution.
– Multiple Video Resolutions for Video Playback: Allows users to play back and select among multiple qualities of video in order to cope with various network conditions.
– Modular Back-End Extensions for Large-Scale Deployments: Allows the Xchange back-end to be installed modularly across multiple servers to ensure stability and scalability.
– Status Messaging/Alerts to FORK MAM: Gives FORK users visibility into the processes Xchange is running on assets being registered.
– Keyboard Shortcuts: A preconfigured set of keyboard shortcuts to drive the Xchange front-end user interface.
– Multithreading: Allows system to thread back-end processes, including rendering, which increases performance dramatically.

Primestream will demonstrate Xchange v3.0 at the 2014 NAB Show at booth SL10216. The application will be available in the second half of 2014. Pricing is available through local resellers and integrators or directly from Primestream at

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